NSK Trappenloop 2019

Friday the 13th.

With a group of Gauls and two Asterix flags, we left by car at 16:00 from Eindhoven station (not the right location choice at this time of day). At 16:30 we had moved approximately 100 meters. Finally we escaped the Eindhoven traffic, only to get stuck on the motorway due to some protesting farmers. After a two-hour travel, we arrived at the Erasmus building in Nijmegen just in time for the start of the 10 floors race.

First, Robert sprinted up 10 flights of stairs (as a warming up for the 20 floors later on) followed by Tessa v.S. Michiel also climbed 10 floors wearing one of the two Asterix flags, which he later let get stolen by AV Phoenix... Casper, Carmen, Daan and Robert did the 20 floors race. Because of the dry indoor air, we all ended up dehydrated and non-stop coughing with sore throats.

After a short break it was time for the beer relay races! The 51st board – plus Michiel – formed a team. Casper started with downing a beer and running up 5 flights of stairs and passed the carrot (the baton) to Maaike, who passed the carrot on to Carmen (with a not-so-smooth pass), who passed the carrot on to Michiel.

We all took a group picture in the skyline rooftop bar of the Erasmus building with our remaining flag and went on to the dinner place. Before the food arrived, the winners were announced. Casper was the second fastest to climb the 20 stairs (one second behind the first place). Carmen became 3rd, which she did not expect, so in the rush to the stage she forgot about our remaining second flag, which was then stolen by Delftse Studenten AV'40… Robert became second with the 10 floors.

After a nice vegetarian meal, we smoothly travelled back to Eindhoven with tired legs, lung problems and 3 medals, but without our two flags…