Track meeting AtH – Eindhoven

Last Saturday we had the first Eindhoven track meeting of the year, organized by AtH. Some Gauls took the opportunity to test their COVID-19 form, with some great results.

At 100m Benjamin finished second in the senior age group, Wing-Hin fought against a strong wind of -3,9 m/s and finished 7th.
Wing-Hin also participated in the 200m together with Marvin, who came all the way from The Hague.

Jordi did his first 800m of the season and finished just below 2 mintues, 1:59,60. Although he was a bit disappointed, it is a good start of this very special COVID-19 season.
Robert, who is totally into triathlon and longer distances at the moment, did his first 300m. With a fresh hair cut and a matching hair strap, he broke the 10 minute barrier and finished strong in 9:53,73.

Rebecca and Britt both did 100m and long jump. Britt jumped over 4,83m in her last attempt. Rebecca was very delighted and jumped over 4,76m after a long period of injuries. Great to see her in action again!

Anne registered spontaneously a few days earlier for her first 800m and enjoyed every bit!

Next up: the NSK Teams!