NSK Track 2020

Yesterday the NSK Track took place in Nijmegen. With great late summer weather a large group of Gauls showed up to participate.

No later than 10:20 it was already time for the first event, javelin throw where Bente managed to throw the javelin to 25,46 meters and Lianne to 31,06 meters. Shortly after, it was time for the sprinters to have a shot at the 100m. Justine managed to run a 13,33, with which she was just hundreds of seconds short of getting a place in the final. For the men, Wing, Marvin, Jelle and Benjamin ran and eventually the fastest of these four gauls was Benjamin in a time of 11,83s which gave him a place in the final. Later that day, Jelle and Marvin also ran a 200m which ended up being extremely intense until the finish line with finishing times of 25,48 and 25,52 respectively! Justine ran a great 200m race and managed to get the bronze medal with a time of 26,02.

Next, it was time for long jump for the ladies where a lot of purple was represented with Maureen, Britt, Rebecca and Bente. In the end, Maureen jumped to 5,26 meters with which she almost got a medal but had to settle for fourth place. Some of the other girls were very consistent with invalid jumps, and hereby not getting the results that they had hoped for. For the men, Kaj managed to get a PB on the long jump of 6,51 meters which gave him the 6th place!

Time for the runners at the 800m: with Anne running to a 2:37 in one of her first track races. For the men, Domingos, Ramon, Job, Jordi and Casper represented Asterix. First Domingos experienced once more how brutal the 800m is and ran to a 2:16. The next serie, Job took the lead and ran solo to a 2:00,9, which due to the wind was even more impressive. Shortly after Job, Ramon finished in 2:03 which gave him a nice PB. Next up was the fastest serie, where the medals were to be divided. Casper had to give it his all and managed to get the silver medal with a time of 1:55, shortly after followed by Jordi running a 1:58.

Just half an hour after the 800m, the 400m took place. Domingos was very brave to run the 400m as well and still managed to get a 58s 400m with legs flooding in lactic acid! Harry and Wessel also ran the 400m, with Wessel winning his heat in a great PB of 53,39s! For the women, Maaike had a good chance to get a medal and even though she did not have her best race she still managed to grab the bronze with a time below the minute!

Next, it was time for the long distance runners, with the 3000m for Women and the 5000m for Men. At the 3000m, Eline managed to finish fourth overall in an intense battle for third place with a non-student runner, so still winning a bronze medal! She was followed by Carmen who was aiming for a time below 11 minutes, but sadly finishing at 11:01 meaning that she will have to give the 3000m another try this year! At the 5000m, Casper was the favorite and he managed to race tactically and speed up towards the end of the race to drop his opponents and obtain the gold medal! In the other serie, a disqualification for Tom and Willem was looming as Tom was rather evidently pacing (and cheering on) Willem towards a new PB at the 5000m (17:13). Luckily, the officials did not decide to disqualify both, so the times are still official.

Last but not least, it was the turn for the throwers. After getting 36,99 meters on the javelin throw, Oscar managed to get a nice score of 11,34 on the shot put. Rebecca was able to surpass the 10 meters a couple of times with a best shot put of 10,42.

In the 100m final, Benjamin was extremely close to a medal but sadly had to settle for 4th place. After, the 4×100 took place, where the ladies of Asterix managed to win! Next up was the 4x400m mixed relay, where a total of three Asterix teams participated. After carefully discussing the strategies of which order to run with 2 females and 2 males in each team, it just came down for everyone to running one lap as fast as they could. With some intense battling towards the line eventually the Asterix teams finished 4th, 5th and 8th.

With a total of five medals it was a great day, thanks to NSAV ‘t Haasje for organizing this event. All the results can be found here: https://www.atletiek.nu/wedstrijd/uitslagen/32769/