Corona-Proof Virtual Asterix Cross

When the days become shorter and the leafs start falling from the trees, traditionally the cross-country season is kicked off by our own Asterix Cross in the Eckartse Bos. However since this year things are a bit different we had to be creative to have a fun and most importantly safe alternative. The trainings have temporarily been cancelled and no races are allowed, so members were challenged to run a trail in the forest individually and time themselves to see how they compare to the others.

Wednesday the 23th it was time to get our feet dirty on the muddy trails in the forest nearby our own training track. Around 9:00 in the morning, the trail was marked with arrows and the first asterix runners had a shot at setting a nice time on the trail individually. Runners could choose between a short trail of 1.8 km or a long trail of 7.2 km. Throughout the day, over 25 Gauls had a go at this challenge. With slippery and muddy conditions, some runners opted for putting on their cross country spikes. Some even went as far as painting a purple butterfly on their face to give them wings during their run!

Every hour more results could be seen on Strava and tension was rising for who would be the fastest of the day or who would take one of the 12 medals to be earned. Runners who had already ran could only await what their competitors would run, whereas late runners knew they had to give it their all to beat previously set times. In this way a nice competitive element was still present! Some runners opted for just getting a really good training in on the offroad course. Overall we can look back on a fun and safe event which also was a good training session for the Asterix members!

All results can be found below.

Short Cross Men Position Name Time
🥇 1 Tijs 6:04
🥈 2 Jordi 6:06
🥉 3 Ramon 6:25
  4 Wessel 6:30
  5 Jelle 6:35
  6 Garud 6:37
  7 Lorens 6:45
  8 Harry 6:49
  9 Domingos 7:02
  10 Vincent 7:05
Short Cross Women Position Name Time
🥇 1 Anne 7:09
🥈 2 Hannah 7:53
🥉 3 Henriette 8:14
  4 Britt 10:04
Long Cross Men Position Name Time
🥇 1 Casper 25:24
🥈 2 Tom 26:15
🥉 3 Finn 28:37
  4 Robin 29:17
  5 Thijs 29:36
  6 John 33:06
  7 Kjell 35:09
Long Cross Women Position Name Time
🥇 1 Carmen 32:29
🥈 2 Ella 39:34
🥉 3 Annekoos 41:34
  4 Sabine 43:17