Karpendonkse Plasrun

Saint Nicholas travelled all the way from Spain to our country again. After a ten day quarantaine, the Saint told the 52nd Board that he had a surprise for the Asterix members. Those who have been good this year could expect some chocolate! However, the Gauls had to show that they have been good during 2020 ;).

The stand-in Petes, also known as our competition secretaries, set out a race course last wednesday. In the park next to our track, the Karpendonkse Plas, a loop of 1.9 km was marked with arrows. The Gauls could choose to run this lap either once or four times. After running this virtual race, they could expect their reward from the Saint.

Throughout the day, Gauls showed up to run around the course on their own whilst recording their time. Once the result was sent to the Petes, Saint Nicholas rewarded the Gauls with a chocolate letter! A nice test in this race-less time for our members. All results can be found below:

1 Lap Men Position Name Time
  1 Ramon 6:09
  2 Wessel 6:37
  3 Lorens 6:53
  4 Domingos 7:04
  5 Andrii 7:26
1 Lap Women Position Name Time
  1 Carmen 8:07
  2 Hannah 8:20
4 Laps Men Position Name Time
  1 Casper 25:31
  2 Tom 25:44
  3 Finn 25:57
  4 Thijs 30:19
  5 John 31:53
4 Laps Women Position Name Time
  1 Ella 37:17
  2 Sabine 41:33