Parcival vs. Asterix purple run-off

On Sunday the third of January, the Parcival vs. Asterix purple run-off took place. This was a competition where we tried to run the most, with a small adjustment for the percentage of participants per association. After a tense match, Asterix was able to beat Parcival and put Parcival Tilburg in her place! This did not come to a surprise to us, because our members are the best!

We ran a grand total of 378 kilometers, with an average of 14 kilometers per participant. Thijs ran the most, a staggering 30 kilometers! Our chairman ran together with Tom and Casper and they ran 25 kilometers! Also a big thanks to our technical athletes: every kilometer helped! Everyone’s results were posted on the Asterix Strava Group.

We humiliated Parcival so much, that they already asked for a new run-off, perhaps in a slightly different format. This does not scare us, since we are confident that we will win that match as well!

Challenge accepted!