Marathon van Eindhoven 2021

Finally, the Marathon of Eindhoven! And what a beautiful edition, with perfect weather and many great performances. Early in the morning the 5K was the first event to take place with a lot of Gauls. A group of middle distance athletes were competing for a fast time, with William managing to win the 5K! A lot of technical athletes also discovered how fun it is to run a longer distance, especially during the Eindhoven Marathon. They all crossed the finishline successfully with the support of the crowd on Stratumseind.

5 KM Results

1 William Webster 16:11
4Jordi Bot17:11
9Andrii Yazykov17:56
11Ramon de Nooijer18:22
19Stefan van der Palen19:44
23Domingos Marreiros20:02
64Hannah Clercx22:15
346Maureen Pelgrim25:15
381Rebecca Gilsing25:47
386Lianne Daan25:49
391Sophie Schenk25:52
620Britt van der Ham28:09

Shortly after the 5 km it was time for the 10 km. Here Casper defended the purple honour and also his own title of two years ago. With a very good race, which went even better than he expected himself he successfully took the gold at the 10 km in his own city again! And as a result, he got a beautiful trophy just like William got for the 5 km.

10 KM Results

1Casper van der Putten31:24
7Adomas Repsys36:42
77Celia Hermoso43:34
335Eva van de Sande49:16
739Audrey Micalet55:09

In the afternoon it was time for the Half Marathon, with lots of Gauls willing to run fast for 21.1 km. Robin managed to run a solid race and a big PB, dipping just below 1:20. John, without many expectations before the race also ran very strong to a 1:24. Two minutes later, Reggi finished in a 1:26 after a great negative split. Eline had an incredible race with solid pacing and even ran to the 2nd place in the Half Marathon. After the race she was allowed to go to the podium and receive nice trophy and flowers!

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But there were more women on fire during the Half Marathon. Rianne and Bente also ran very strong and even finished in 7th and 8th place in the category Women Senior, with times in 1:31 and 1:32. Dennis and Job were chasing PB’s and ran times in 1:28 and 1:30. Ramon decided the 5K in the morning was not enough fun and put on his shoes again for the Half Marathon, running to a 1:35. Last but not least, Anne also ran a great PB and achieving a time below 1:40.

Half Marathon Results

31Robin van de Wege1:19:50
100John Verdonschot1:24:46
105 (2nd Women!)Eline de Jong1:25:26
112Reggi Maduro1:26:04
176Dennis Loeffen1:28:49
226Job Reurink1:30:36
253Rianne de Croock1:31:17
318Bente Theeuwes1:32:56
428Ramon de Nooijer1:35:11
785Anne van de Meulengraaf1:39:09

The full marathon, as Finn suggests it should be a tradition that the chairman or chairwoman of Asterix runs the Full Marathon (good luck next year Justine!). As a man of his word, he signed up for the marathon to unleash his purple for 42.2 km. Tom decided that a marathon would be fun too, especially with brand new Asterix socks to unleash even more purple. The guys ran in a nice little group with a solid pace for about 30 km, after which the marathon starts for real. Tom managed to hold on quite strongly and ran an amazing time of 2:41:11. Finn was learning how tough the marathon was but also showed mental strength and kept going to finish in an also amazing time of 2:48:00. Finn finished with the Asterix flag waving behind him, showing everyone our beautiful purple

Full Marathon Results

26Tom Reep2:41:11
39Finn Timmermans2:48:00

After all the running, it was time for some well deserved beers and pizza in the city center.