Athlete of the month: Casper Schuijffel

This month we celebrate this talented javelin thrower. Casper is 25 years old and is studying to become a P.E. teacher at Fontys. I think his future students will get a good education in athletics. Inspiring those future Gauls!  And did you all know Casper is currently doing an internship at the elite sprinting group of Eindhoven athletics? 

Casper joined Asterix only nine months ago and wasn’t always an athlete. “I played football till I was around 16 years old, then my uncle introduced me to bodybuilding. Because I was always really thin growing up, getting a bit more muscular was something I really liked.   

But after a while just going to the gym became boring. So, I decided to join a crossfit gym, this was something I really enjoyed and put allot of time and effort in trying to become good at it. After doing that for a couple of years I decided to focus on becoming stronger in the Olympic lifts, because that was a part off crossfit I really fell in love with. Sadly, I didn’t have the time to be consistent enough with it, so I didn’t become as strong as I wanted to.”  

But how did this crossfit loving hulk end up at Asterix? “Well, initially I joined because growing up I was always good at throwing things really far and I wondered if that translated to the javelin. It tried a little bit, but as it turns out throwing a javelin and throwing a baseball are two completely different things.” Luckily he improved a lot quite fast. We love to see more purple at those NSK’s and Casper will surely help us get those beautiful gold medals.      

And Casper has some impressive goals! “I see athletics at the moment as one big learning opportunity and hopefully it is something I become better at in the next couple of years. My goal for the coming year is to train really hard during the winter season so I can throw a new club record next summer.” But being a Gaul isn’t just sweat and tears. He also wants to join some committees next year and have a lot of fun during the events that his fellow Gauls will organise.  We ended the interview with some advice: “To the new members I would like to say, train hard, be consistent, listen to what the coaches tell you, but most importantly have a lot of fun on and off the track!”