Board goes to the World Indoor Championships!

Last weekend were the World Athletics Indoor Championships in Belgrade, Serbia. The board (minus Money Jumping Man Boudewijn, which unfortunately couldn’t go) went to Serbia to support all the Dutch athletes and see the amazing perfomances and what an experience it was!

If you looked closely during the livestream, you may have spotted a big Asterix flag in the crowd. Every evening session the board was there screaming and taking in the experience. During the day the city was seen, with walks through the fortress, cathedrals, water front and city center. And of course, in every part of the trip, the city was gekoloniseerd with Asterix stickers! And then, after the crazy good competitions, the board went out to outpurple themselves with some magic Serbian potions.

The experience was one to remember, with it being the first board excursion and everyone’s first time seeing a World Championship live. And to top of the cherry on the cake, the board took a brand new singlet, in the wild hope Dutch Olympic and World Championship athletes would sign it. And by amazing luck, the board travelled back with Team NL in the plane and managed to have 7 of them sign the singlet, which will be an amazing addition to the canteen.

Check below the pictures of the trip!