NSK Ekiden 2022

Results: Uitslagen NSK Ekiden 2022

Photo album: Lars van der Valk

Excellent results from our Gauls at the NSK Ekiden in Utrecht last Saturday! After securing gold medals in the relay at the NSK indoor, our athletes managed to reproduce this feat in the Ekiden.

With four teams, our association was very well represented. Both the men’s first team (Asterdix) and our mixed team (Astermix) outpurpled the other teams in their respective categories, bringing the gold medals to Eindhoven. The second men’s team also laid down a solid performance, finishing in 4th place. Through lots of texts and email in the day leading up to the race, we managed to fill the women’s team with 3 women from Phoenix. A wonderful form of integration between our associations which also came with a hybrid team name: Phoenerix.

Smiles, cheers, medals and lots of purple!

The call to all members to wear something purple proved effective, resulting in a strong team spirit and beautiful team pictures. This without a doubt contributed greatly to the strong performances we saw during the day.

Power to the purple!

After the start, our winning teams led from gun to tape. A true display of the power of purple.

Rare footage of other teams still in the vicinity of our winners

Our first runners all ran a fast first leg. There was an epic battle between Adomas and Matthijs, who both ran around a 16.50 5k before handing the ribbons to Lennert and Finn respectively.

There were also technical athletes competing in the Ekiden! Our own competition secretary track Bente showed how tough she is by running a 5k leg in the women’s team.

Bente questioning life decisions before the start of her 5k leg

The fastest 1k (3.02) in the field undoubtedly came from the chairman of the 50th board: Jordi Bot. Unfortunately for Jordi, he still had 4k to go after this. With his bravery he more than deserved his gold medal.

Jordi at the start of his blistering 1k

Despite being firmly in the lead, Robin did not take it easy. Even after being handed the flag he kept on running swiftly towards the finish line.

The first runner to cross the finish line: Robin!

Of course, our women’s and second men’s team should not be forgotten in this blog! We saw Celia and Lilla both run an impressive 45 minute 10k. Lorens (10k) and Hessel (5k) went out of their comfort zone in the sunny weather.


The previous (left) and the current (right) competition secretary cross and road in one picture!

The afterparty took some time to really get going, but after some time the tables were pushed aside, a smoke machine and lasers were turned on and the lights were dimmed. Visiting the afterparty is always a nice ending to a NSK. This time, it was no different as Phoenix organized a great afterparty, where there was lots of socializing between different student athletics associations.

Do you think it’s a pity that you weren’t present at this competition? Don’t worry, there’s lots of other fun events coming up. Upcoming Thursday, Asterix will organize the Dommelloop. After this race, there will also be a drink together with members of Parcival from Tilburg. Don’t miss out!


Naturally, a new event comes with new memes. Below you find one of the finest, made by our secretary: Domingos.

Moments before disaster

By Jens Peeters

Photos by Lars van der Valk