Auwjaorscross 2022

After an amazing day in Utrecht at the NSK Ekiden, some Gauls decided to go to the last cross of the Kempian Cross Competition: the Auwjaorscross. Even though this was already the fourth cross in March, the Gauls present were as enthusiastic as always!

Anne won the short cross for the women, and Merel got third! Especially with the NSK Party on Saturday, Merel’s podium was quite impressive!

Anne and Merel ended up on the podium of the final standings of the circuit, with Merel in third, and Anne in second!

Anne and Merel on the podium in Oirschot!

With the men, Matthijs came in third, beating Jordi, Ramon and Lorens even with his amazing 5k from Saturday. Jordi, Ramon and Lorens came in fourth, fifth and sixth. Luc also participated, finishing 13th after running a fast race!

Matthijs flexing on Jordi, Ramon and Lorens.

In the standings, the podium turned out all purple, with Matthijs in first, Ramon in second, and Lorens in third place!

Purple Podium loading…

Ramon, Matthijs and Lorens secured the all-purple podium with their performances in Oirschot!

The next big event will be our own Dommelloop, this Thursday! Hopefully we will see more purple-podiums there!

Written by Lorens