Trainingsweekend 2022

After an exciting day at the Dommelloop, the Gauls prepared for a weekend full of fun activities and trainings in Groet, near the Schoorlse Duinen. Traveling in multiple groups to the location, the weekend started off right with travel through Castricum, lots of snow and a grumpy bus driver.

Casper, Hessel, Justine and Merel traveling in a packed car to Groet!

After arriving, the hungry Gauls ate lots and lots of wraps, preparing for the trainings on Saturday. But before that, a Cantus was organized by HoefNIX. Domingos, in his enthusiasm, sometimes sang the lyrics a bit wrong, meaning he had to be punished by Seniors Carl and Oscar. Matthijs’, Lorens’, Luc’s and Domingos’ Bat Adts or Stijn’s and Jim’s Adt 69 or Casper’s Idefix adt were feats to behold! After the Cantus, a beach party was held. Luckily this was not done on the beach because it was cold, but rather in the accommodation.

Domingos had a good time at the cantus on Friday. Credits to Boudewijn for the meme.

After a good nights rest a nice breakfast with some eggs was prepared by the committee. Then vamos a la playa and some interesting beach activities were organized. Some thrilling games of dodgeball were played, human towers were built and Squid Game was imitated with some tug of war.

Matthijs, Lorens and Carl decided it was the perfect moment to take a dive in the North Sea! Unfortunately, this was not worth any IC points. We think Merel should join as well next time so she appreciates the effort even more ;).

The water was not as cold as it looks! It was quite enjoyable as can clearly be seen from the faces in this picture.

After these activities, some refueling had to be done with an extensive lunch! Then, the group was split in two: the first group went to the track in Alkmaar, and the second group went for a longrun in the dunes.

The technical Gauls enjoying the sun at the track in Alkmaar.
Some of the runners enjoying the view during their longrun.

These tiring activities called for lots of food for dinner! Luckily, more than enough food had been prepared.

Oscar needs loads of food when he is hungry!

In the evening, a BeerPong tournament was organized. Hessel and Domingos showed their dominance and crushed the opposition. Honorable mention to Jim’s and Oscar’s Haka!

On Sunday morning, some crazy runners decided to go for another longrun. Again, the weather was great, and the runners were back before breakfast! Eating the last of the eggs, the hungry runners made sure to fill up their tanks for the day!

As a last activity, the group traveled to Alkmaar for some games of lasertag. Team Bravo won 3 out of 4 games, taking the overall win.

Great wins by Team Bravo!

After the lasertag, the trainingsweekend was over, or so we thought! With the help of the NS, Oscar, Celia, Reggi, Jippe, Matthijs and Lorens stayed the night at Oscar’s parents’ place. These six liked the trainingsweekend so much they extended it by a full night! Finn and Carmen decided to go hitch-hiking, and they got picked up by someone who could bring them to Den Bosch, from which luckily a bus went to Eindhoven.

NS working as efficiently as possible, as usual. Credits to Lorens for the meme.

With the feeding of lambs and the necessary pillow-fights, staying the night was loads of fun. A great deal of wistjedatjes came from this night which you can read in the newsletter in May! A massive thank you to Oscar and his parents for the possibility of staying the night!

Reggi, Matthijs and Lorens (taking the picture) after an exciting night.

Concluding, the weekend was a great success, full of good trainings and enjoyable activities! Shoutout to the committee for organizing the fun weekend!

Written by Lorens