National Competition 22-5

Last Sunday, the national competition took place! With teams in the second and third divisions, Asterix was represented well!

For our second division teams the competition was on our own track, since we organized the competition ourselves. Our hardworking volunteers laid the foundation for what was to be a successful second meet of the national competition for Asterix. There seemed to be no end to our Gauls’ top performances, resulting in places in the standings not too far behind the spots that give access to the meet where we can attempt to secure promotion.

The team atmosphere without a doubt contributed to this feat. It was amazing to see our volunteers work hard to make this meet possible. Many thanks to them! Also thanks to Vincent and Ramon (and Dominos I guess) for making sure that nobody had to go home with on an empty stomach.

Outrun, outlast, outpurple!!

The first events of the day were the women’s 800m and the women’s hammer throw. We got the rare opportunity to see Carmen run the 800, and we saw Sophie throw a new hammer throw PB with 35.34m. A solid start to a superb day in terms of performances. Once again it is difficult to provide our devoted readers with a summary of a meet, since the amount of highlights was just too high! Maureen, who we think our purple singlet looks better on than a blue-yellow one, once again broke the long jump club record with a jump of 5.65m. Britt and Lianne made sure the field jury stayed alert in the javelin. In the men’s team Oscar broke his own club record in the shot put by a meter (13.86). Jim and Jens made their debuts in the 400mH and the 3000 steeple chase respectively. Andrii ran his first 1500m of the year, and immediately went sub 4 (3.57)!

Below you’ll find an attempt at a short summary, in pictures.

Carmen started the day with an 800m, but later she also ran the 3000m, wow!

Carmen dominated her 800m heat by accelerating in the final stage of the race. In the first lap there were still others with her, but in the final 200m she gapped the field.

She’s soaring’, flyin’!

A huge leap from Maureen, resulting in a win and lots of points for the Asterix team!

Jens gave the steeple chase a try and managed to both win and to not fall! The lack of sensation may have disappointed the people who took the strategic position right next to the water jump a bit.

Jens managed to complete his race without having to show his swimming skills. With his 9.32 he also managed to score the team some much necessary points!

ANOTHER clubrecord for this man?! Oscar seems to be unstoppable this season!

Oscar did not just break the club recorded, he smashed it! All of his 4 attempts were further than the previous record. Astonishing!

He’s soarin’, flyin’!

Kaj almost jumped the same distance as the number on his bib. His 6.51m was very impressive!

Maaike attacking a hurdle. She ran a great 400mh with a 68.01s!

Normally Maaike prefers a race without any unnecessary barriers. However, they proved to be no problem for her.

Lianne launching a javelin. The heart rate of the field jury (not on picture) increases by 30bpm.

Again, Lianne threw over 30m with the javelin (30.03m). She was also busy for most of the weekend organizing the competition. A Gaul we should cherish 🙂

Esmee showing that when you’re running fast, photographers have a hard time making a picture when you’re on the ground

Putting soarin’ flyin’ as a caption two times is enough, but or course it could also be used here. Good job Esmee!

It sure was a sunny day yesterday. Bente came to the track well prepared.

We all had sun, but not everyone had cool sunglasses. Bente jumped 1.55m in the high jump, awesome! Maybe we will we see a 1.60m soon?

Eline on her way to score 777 points for the team. Thanks Eline!

The competition was fierce in the 3000, but this didn’t intimidate Eline! She ran a speedy 10.13, securing second place.

A sub 4 minute (3.57.73) clocking for our athlete of the month Andrii, wow. Big thanks to Casper for making the race a fast one. Casper himself led from gun to tape, finishing in a time of 3.54.01!

Andrii proved more than worthy of the title Athlete of the Month. What an accomplishment his 3.57 was. Undoubtedly we will see many more fast times from him this season!

The second men’s team went to compete in Best. Casper started off the day by winning the javelin with a throw of 44.11m! He was the strongest out of 25 competitors! Domingos ran his favorite event: the 400m. He did not false start (we are proud of you buddy), and ran a 57.06, only 0.26 above his PB. With several months remaining in the season, he will definitely break his PB this year! Then, it was Harry’s turn! He decided to run a 400 Hurdles. And yes, he did this voluntarily! He ran a time of 1:10.10.

Then there were some Gauls that represented other associations. Matthijs started his day by competing in the polevault. He managed to jump over 2.30m, scoring over 300 points for his team! A great result for the running-specialist! Rens ran the open 400, in an impressive time of 54.72! With this result, he finished sixth overall in Best. Then there was Bjorn, who ran a very impressive 1:00.05 on the 400mH, finishing in fifth. If Bjorn keeps this up, who knows what color the medal will be at the NSK Track in July! Matthijs, Luc and Lorens ran the 1500. After leading almost the entire race, Matthijs ran a new PB of 4:14.41, finishing in second place. Luc followed closely behind in third with a time of 4:15.52. Lorens finished fourth with a 5s PB of 4:19.09.

Matthijs pacing Luc and Lorens to new PBs!

Written by Jens & Lorens