Asterix Trackmeeting 2022

Last Friday, the Asterix Trackmeeting took place, organized by the Trackmeeting Committee. Kudos to the Committee, who did an amazing job of organizing the largest ever Asterix Trackmeeting in Asterix’ history (291 participants)! For an overview of the results, see this link.

The first event of the day was the 400mH, where Bjorn ran a time of 58.48, 1.5s faster than two weeks ago in Best. Also competing in the 400mH was Jules (yes, the distance runner Jules). He managed to run an impressive time of 1:07.11! Audrey was the only female Gaul competing in the 400mH, and she ran 1:25.77!

The women then had the long jump! Maureen jumped 5.56m and Britt jumped 4.52m!

Britt in full focus during one of her jumps.

Britt had more events to do: she also participated in the javelin throw, where she threw 22.44m!

Boudewijn then defended Asterix’ name in the high jump. He did an amazing job with a jump of 1.80m and a very close miss on 1.85m. Surely he will get it next time! Audrey, after already participating in the 400mH, also did the high jump. She jumped 1.35m!

Then it was time to do some running! In the 400m, Domingos obliterated his PB by 0.79s to run 56.01! That sub 56 is getting very close! Wessel ran a time of 56.36. Merel ran an impressive 1:18.49, beating her PB set in March by 0.06s!

Wessel with the kick during his 400m.

Joël and Carl participated in the 100m, where they ran times of 12.00 and 12.19 respectively. Great job!

What is more fun than a 400? An 800 of course! Tijs was the fastest Gaul with a time of 1:58.86. William edged out Andrii with times of 1:59.27 over 1:59.60 respectively. Not far behind was Lorens with a time of 2:00.26, already the 5th PB of his season! Maybe a sub-2 is possible after all this season! Kjell ran 2:12.94, steadily approaching his PB. There are still many races to go this season, so there is a good chance he will break his PB at the end of the season! Meike ran a time of 2:45.68, which was very close to her PB which she set earlier this year.

Meike being fast as always!

Then there was more throwing: Merel participated in the shot put, where she threw 7.08m! There also was the javelin throw for the men. Casper threw 39.57m, Joël managed to throw 35.86m, while Boudewijn threw 32.87m. Then there was also a middle distance runner who seemed a bit lost: Lorens also participated in the javelin, and he threw 18.13m.

Yeah, why Lorens? WHY? Credits to Domingos for the meme.

Domingos, after his amazing PB in the 400m, also wanted to run the 200m. And again, he managed to run a PB: 25.22! Boudewijn ran 25.52, which was also a PB!

Then there was the long jump for the men. Joël jumped to a distance of 6.10m! Unfortunately Carl suffered from an injury, after which he decided to pull out of the competition.

In the 3000m, there unfortunately was an issue with the timing system, which meant that the official times of the first heat were lost. Luckily, some athletes like to run with their watches, so we have at least some idea of the times. Finn ran sub-9 for the first time, with an approximate 8:59! Luc and Tom followed with 9:08 and 9:09 respectively. Adomas ran something like 9:15, and Lennert was not too far behind him. Jules ran a 9:32, which was impressive given his 400mH earlier in the evening! Fabian finished a few seconds behind him, and Ramon ran approximately 9:48.

Some Gauls outpurpling the competition during the 3000m!

For the second heat of the 3000m, the timing system worked. Eline ran 10:08.35, Carmen ran 10:16.72, Anne ran 11:28.22, Luc ran 11:54.56 and Celia ran 12:01.18! Some great results that will without a doubt make Ton happy!

In the last individual event of the day, Merel threw the discus to a distance of 24.29m!

The Asterix Trackmeeting wouldn’t be such a amazing event without the combined events!

In the sprint-combined events, Gijs ran 7.36 on the 60m (which is a PB), 11.70 on the 100m (only 0.03 above his PB!) and 23.65 on the 200m (only 0.04 above his PB)! This is very promising for the rest of the season!

Gijs running extremely fast during one of his sprints!

Justine also participated in the sprint-combined events. She ran times of 8.27 on the 60m, 13.09 on the 100m and 26.67 on the 200m!

Then there was also the throwing-combined events!

In the discus throw, Oscar managed to throw a very respectable 39.26m, and Jim threw 32.71m which was very close to his PB of 32.72m.

In Oscar’s favorite event, the shotput, Oscar threw a massive 13.22m! Jim threw a PB of 10.40m!

Oscar showing Celia and Jules how it’s done!

Finally, in the javelin throw, Jim threw a very respectable 46.27m, while Oscar threw 39.32m.

Next to the combined events of the Asterix Trackmeeting, this year there was another new event: the Team Ranking! For this, a team consisting of three team members would run, jump and throw, followed by a 3×100 relay. Three Asterix teams participated. Team HoefNIX consisting of Carl, Oscar and Ramon did great, but unfortunately could not participate in the relay because of Carl’s injury. Then there was team Paars, paars, paars, Britt, Casper en Finn zijn de baas. They performed well in their individual events, and ran a time of 42.68 in the relay, finishing in third in the Team Rankings! The best Asterix Team of the evening was Het Paarse Perikel consisting of Joël, Boudewijn and Lorens. Their relay went smoothly (as in, no dropping of batons), and they finished with a time of 35.62! This was enough for second place in the Team Rankings!

As always after the Asterix Trackmeeting, the Dutch Championships Beerchase are organized by the Home Championships Committee. With a grand total of 13 participating teams, the Beerchase was a big success!

In the Beerchase for the women, team Triathlon Babes took the win over team Purple Internals. The race with the men was exciting, with team Worst Pace Scenario claiming the silver medal, just 12 seconds in front of team The Purple Slayers, who took bronze. Both ran extremely fast times, with team Worst Pace Scenario averaging their 200m in under 30 seconds! Big shoutout to the other Asterix teams: the Best Board Boys, Plezier in Bier, Oud Bruin and Ouwe lullen en Sophie zijn ook van de partij.

The silver and gold medalists in the NK Beerchase with the women!

After the Beerchase, it was time to party! The theme fOutpurple was followed very strictly, as even the visiting Vitalisten made sure they were dressed in purple! It clearly was an amazing party, as some decided to do another PB attempt, this time in the Greek 400!

Credits to Domingos for the meme!

Written by Lorens