NSK Trappenloop

On Friday June 17th, three strong Gauls went to Enschede to represent Asterix in the un-official NSK Traplopen.

Without having practiced too much, Vincent, Matthijs and Lorens traveled to Enschede. When they arrived, they noticed that the competition would be very strong with many athletes from our main rival-associations of Dodeka, Phoenix, Kronos and Vitalis.

In the feared Horst-tower, the participants had to climb 13 floors of stairs, with some twists and turns and some straights where the speed trainings would really show their benefits!

The schedule was tight: every 10 seconds, a new participant would start. This way, it was possible to overtake other competitors if those were more than 10 seconds slower: more chaos means more fun, right? To make the event more exciting, Matthijs started 10 seconds behind Lorens, which Lorens found quite scary! Vincent was the very last competitor that had to start: he could make some observations on what the best staircase running technique would be!

In the end, Vincent finished with a time of 1:59, getting him to a well-earned 14th place! Matthijs obtained a shared 7th place with a time of 1:41. Afterwards, he said would have preferred even more floors! Lorens surprised everyone by winning the event in a time of 1:32! Those squats he did the past winter turned out to be a major help, as he can now call himself the un-official Dutch Student Champion Staircase running!

The three die-hards that went to Enschede after their races, with the Horst-tower in the background.

During the award ceremony, the new purple loud-speaker was a great way to make Asterix’ presence even clearer!

Lorens visibly happy after receiving his medal.

After the event, the Gauls represented Asterix just as convincingly during the NSK party!

Matthijs had payed attention to the party’s dresscode.

The next NSK will be the NSK Track in Wageningen! For more information, see this link.

Written by Lorens