National Competition 3-7

Last Sunday, the last of the national competition games took place! Asterix competed with a men’s team in the second and third division, and with a women’s team in the second division. Our second division teams competed in Nijmegen, and the men’s team in the third division competed in Valkenswaard.

The first event of the day was the 100mH for the women, where Bente and Audrey competed. Bente finished in 17.97 and Audrey finished in 20.45.

Then, Oscar started his day with hammer throw! Even though this event is not his best, he managed to perform really well with a throw of 34.68m! Good points for the team! Rik also did hammer throw, and he managed a distance of 19.10m!

Boudewijn had a busy day ahead of him, with triple jump, high jump and the 100mH! In the first of these, the triple jump, he scored 600 points with a jump of 12.29m! In the high jump, he again jumped 1.80m, which was 680 points for the team! In the 110mH, he finished in a PB of 18.60, behind Jim who finished in a fast time of 16.32!

Next was the shotput for the women. Rebecca threw a distance of 9.36m, and Merel threw 7.25m!

Then it was time to do some running! In the 800m, Andrii secured the points with a time of 1:59.90. Casper was also supposed to run this race, but unfortunately he sprained his ankle during cool-down after his race in Heusden-Zolder the day before. We wish this Gaul a swift recovery! In the 100m, Gijs ran a PB with a great time of 11.60, followed by Wessel in a time of 12.63. In the 100m for the women, Maureen ran 12.73!

Of course, there was also time to relax in between events!

The high jump for the women was very exciting, with 7 women jumping exactly 1.50! Bente was one of these, scoring 726 points!

In the javelin throw for the men, it was a close competition between Jim and Rik. Jim managed to beat Rik with a throw of 45.21, with Rik just a few centimeters behind with 44.97!

In the 400m, Maaike did a great job, finishing in 59.85, scoring a massive 782 points! With the men, it was Jordi with a time of 53.20 who secured the points. Jim finished just behind Jordi with a time of 53.82.

Maaike giving it all she has in the home stretch!

In the polevault, Jelle jumped over 3.20m. Great job by him!

Carmen ran a PB in the 1500, running sub-5 with a time of 4:57.12! Anne finished in 5:28.58.

Then it was time to see Oscar go beast-mode in the shotput! He threw a massive distance of 13.43, which gave him third place in the event! Rik threw the shotput to a distance of 10.20m.

Maureen then easily won the long jump for the women, with a jump of 5.79m. With this, she earned 860 points and once again broke her own club record! Bente also participated in the long jump, and she jumped to 4.64m.

Back to some more running! In the 5000m, Jens ran 15:17.45, scoring 802 points! Finn finished sub-16 with 15:59.35! Great job by both, especially given the heat!

In the 200m for the women, Maureen ran an impressive time of 26.65, and Lianne finished in 29.85!

Then in the 200m for the men, Gijs ran a great time of 23.37! Domingos got a bit unlucky: after a great race, the officials did not have a time for him, an made him run again 15 minutes later. Still, Domingos ran a time of 25.56.

Domingos wasn’t that happy. Domingos uses memes to cope with unfortunate situations, credits to him for the meme.

In the 3000mSC for the women, Naomi came 5th with a time of 13:35.81!

Then for the last individual event of the day, Merel threw the discus to a distance of 30.00m exactly!

Then, it was time for the 4×400 relays! Rebecca, Lianne, Maaike and Carmen finished 5th with a new clubrecord time of 4:25.65!

Wessel, Jordi, Andrii and Jens came 4th with a great time of 3:35.12! According to Rik, this was the fastest outdoor time in 30 years!

Asterix did very well in the 4×400!

With the relays done, it was time to have a look at the standings! Both teams knew that they could make it to the best 9 teams of the second division, meaning that they would qualify for a promotion game in September. The men’s team got 8th of the day, and secured a 7th place nation-wide! The women got 10th of the day, which was just enough to secure that 9th place nation-wide! That means both teams made it to the promotion game in September! If one of our teams finished in the top 3 on that day, they will compete in the first division next year! It sure will be a competition to remember, as Asterix gets to compete against Eindhoven Atletiek!

We sure will try to beat Eindhoven Atletiek! Credits to Domingos again.

With the great results from the three national competition games, Asterix was the best student athletics association of the Netherlands with both the men and the women!

Lots and lots of outpurpling done in Nijmegen!

In the third division, some Gauls participated as well! In the 800m, Reggi and Vincent participated. Reggi outkicked Vincent, and finished with a great time of 2:13.61! Vincent came just behind him in a new PB of 2:14.08! Harry decided he wanted to torture himself, so he participated in the 100, 400 and 200m! In the 100m, he finished in 12.82, in the 400m he ran 57.26, and in the 200m he did great with a time of 26.49. Reggi also did the 200m, and he finished in 25.85! Stefan participated in the shotput, where he threw a distance of 8.32m!

Then there were also some Gauls that participated for other teams. Bjorn ran a great time of 16.69 on the 110mH! A few hours later he showed that he can also run a 400m without hurdles, running an extremely fast time of 51.76! Lorens tried to run sub-2, but he just missed out, running 2:00.55. Better luck next time! Matthijs ran the 5000m, after running a 10.6k in a team-triathlon the day before. He still finished in a PB of 16:10.83! Finally, Lorens and Matthijs also participated in the 4×400 to practice for their 4×400 at next week’s NSK Track!

This weekend, the NSK Track will take place in Wageningen!

Written by Lorens