NSK Track 2022

Last weekend, the NSK Track took place in Wageningen, organized by WAV Tartlétos. Of course, many Gauls participated!

In the very first event on Saturday, there were 3 Gauls trying to run PBs! Domingos was the first to run, and he ran a time of 55.93. While being one of the fastest times he has ever run, he was not very happy: he wanted to run a PB.

This time, Domingos’ face was very meme-able.

Next up were Vincent and Gijs, running in the same heat. Gijs ran an impressive new PB of 54.24, and Vincent ran 58.40, his fastest time in over 5 years! With these times, Gijs finished 14th, Domingos 19th and Vincent 23rd!

The next event to take place was the high jump for the women. Our competition secretary for the track, Bente, defended Asterix’ name with a jump of 1.45m, finishing in shared 9th place.

Bente with a great jump. Also notice Maureen in the background giving mental support.

Our commissioner internal affairs decided she wanted to try out some shorter distances, so she subscribed for the 100m! She did a great job, finishing in 15th with a time of 15.79!

The member of Asterix that is closest to the likes of Obelix participated in the shot put and in the discus. Oscar managed to easily qualify for the finals in both events! In the final for the shot put, Oscar threw a distance of 13.69m, which was his second best throw ever! This distance earned him a bronze medal! While Oscar already went beast-mode in the shot put, his discus in the final was amazing! He threw a new clubrecord of 41.58m, beating the old mark that had stood for almost 28 years!

Maureen did what Maureen does best: jump crazy far! She jumped to a distance of 5.24m, which earned her a beautiful bronze medal!

Full focus from Maureen, just before one of her attempts.

Then it was time for some running! Jens, Andrii, Matthijs and Stijn ran the 1500m! Jens showed his strength, winning easily in a time of 3:57.84! We all feel very sorry for Andrii, who just came shy of the podium (by 0.02……), finishing 4th in a time of 4:07.21. Matthijs followed not too far behind in 6th, with a time of 4:10.23. Stijn ran in the other heat, and he ran a new PB of 4:37.43!

Gijs, after his PB in the 400m, also participated in the high jump! What an amazing combination of events! He got 4th with a jump of 1.70m. After his high jump, he could prepare for the Swedish Relay!

But first, there would be the 4x100m relay! With the extremely original name Asterix, Ramon, Oscar, Hessel and Stijn were able to get the silver medal! An amazing achievement for the team without sprinters!

Stijn sprinting his 100m in the relay, just after receiving the baton from Oscar.

As the last event of the day (not counting any Greek 400s), the reversed Swedish Relay took place! With the amazing name of D.S.A.V. Dodeka, Bjorn, Gijs, Domingos and Jens managed to convincingly win the gold medal with a time of 2:05.00.

After showing that we Gauls can throw, jump and run, the Gauls got to ‘bunker’ at supper. Then, it was time to go to the Bunker to show that we’re also professionals when it comes to partying! To no one’s surprise, this is exactly what we did. As a result, we may even have risen in the standings (wink). I guess we’ll find out after the next update. Due to the party preparations of our strongest Gaul Oscar, many Gauls had a purple handkerchief with a nice motif. Oscar wasn’t the only Gaul who came to the party well-prepared. Ramon brought his own breath alcohol test, which was used by many people that evening. After a small investigation of the apparatus, Eri from Utrecht came up with the best tactic and secured first place in the final standings! It was truly astonishing, all men and women wanted to be tested by Ramon! There was also a quite remarkable landmark on the podium: a pole. Even though our women of Bellefleur had practiced pole dancing before, we unfortunately were not given a demonstration. There were plenty of others however who could not resist a short visit to the pole. Whilst the intended use is obviously dancing, the unintended use of climbing was practiced the most. There was a small competition between associations to place a sticker as high up the roof as possible. As people got higher and higher, so did the heart rate of many of the people present. Fortunately there were no casualties, but I have to disappoint the reader that we, Asterix, did not win this competition. Other SAVs should also be allowed to win something of course.

To start the second day, Oscar wanted to throw some heavy things around with the hammer throw. He came to a distance of 29.87m, which gave him 9th place.

Some more throwing: Bente started her day with javelin, also finishing in 9th place with a distance of 27.17m! Jens and Hessel also participated in the javelin throw, with Jens beating Hessel with 37.92m over 26.37m. This gave them 10th and 21st place!

Bente impressing the spectators with her throw.

Bjorn, after winning the gold medal in the Swedish Relay on Saturday, wanted to win another medal in the 400mH! He did just that, winning the bronze medal with a time of 57.34, just missing out on a new PB. Gijs did a great job as well, finishing in 7th with a time of 1:06.10!

Bjorn (left) on his way to a bronze medal. Maybe in purple next time?

On to another difficult event: the polevault. Jelle got 9th with a jump of 3.00m!

Of course, there were also running events on Sunday. Merel participated in the 200m, where she ran a time of 33.55. Reggi ran the 200m as well, and he ran a very respectable 25.44!

After her 9th place in the javelin, Bente came 8th in the 100mH with a time of 18.42! Jim and Gijs participated with the men, getting 4th and 5th with times of 17.62 and 18.36 respectably.

Then it was time for the 800m! Many Gauls would participate here! Reggi managed to win the first heat with a great time of 2:12.46, which was a new PB! In the second heat, Matthijs got 2nd with a time of 2:05.69. A great job by the man from Best, considering his efforts during the party and the 1500 the day before. In that same heat, Domingos ran a time of 2:13.00. In the final heat of the 800, Andrii got 5th, and Lorens got 6th. Unfortunately, no sub2 yet for Lorens, who ran sub 2:01 for the third time this season.

You can just see from Lorens’ face that he is enjoying the race. He even gives us a thumbs-up!

Finn, William, Stijn, Jordi and Ramon all felt the need to torture themselves in the 5000m. Finn got 4th, just losing out on that bronze medal in the home stretch, with a time of 15:49.26. William finished in 8th place with a time of 16:19.52. Stijn ran a great time of 19:36.35, which was enough for 16th place. Ramon made a deal with Jordi to pace him to a good time. Ramon managed to do this for a few laps, after which he was tired, and retired from the race, as planned. A little bit less planned was Jordi’s retirement from the race after just over 3000m. Those 3000m were extremely quick (around 9:18).

Stijn mere moments before the start, unsure why he would put himself through so much pain.

The NSK was almost over, but there was one more event to be run: the 4×400! Team D.S.A.V. Dodeka 2, consisting of Domingos, Matthijs, Lorens and Andrii was by far the fastest team. Keep in mind that all other teams consisted of 2 men and 2 women, so no @domingos, your team did not really become unofficial national student champion ;). Finishing in 4th was team Tino Commissaris Clown, consisting of Jens, Jim, and Fleur and Aurelie from Uros.

Drawing a purple heart on your arm is a great excuse to flex your arms for a picture. Unfortunately, runners do not tend to have big biceps, so keep up the trainings guys!
Matthijs after receiving the baton from Domingos, who collapses on the ground in the background.

Now, the summer break has started for most Gauls. In a few weeks, the Foreign Training Week will take place, where preparations will be made for the upcoming Promotion/Relegation Match and the NSK Teams, both in September.

Many happy faces after a great NSK!

Written by Lorens