NSK Teams 2022

Last Saturday, the NSK Teams took place in Delft. Many Gauls went there, and they even brought some friends that also study in Eindhoven. Team Eindhoven participated with two teams for the men and one team for the women. Only the first team for the men could score points, the other teams participated Out of Competition.

After most had arrived, the flag parade took place. With lots of purple, most other associations were already scared by Asterix’ sheer purple-ness. Lorens even painted his hair purple!

Trying to outpurple everyone!

The very first event of the day was the 4×200. The first team for the men (consisting of Steven, Teun, Jim and Jens) ran 1:36.33, placing 4th and scoring 9 points. The men’s second team (with Carl, Gijs, Wessel and David) ran an impressive 1:38.89! After the 4×200 for the men, the women’s team (with Bente. Tessa, Lianne and Rebecca) ran 2:00.96. A great way to start the day!

That exciting moment just before the baton exchange.
Serious faces during the 4×200.

Tessa, after doing a great job in the 4×200, threw a massive PB in the discus by almost 5 meters! She came to a distance of 28.05m! With this, she came 5th overall. Becoming 2nd overall was Kirsten with a throw of 36.02m! With Merel Bosch (who did not participate on Saturday) also being great at discus, there are some seriously talented discus throwers at Asterix!

Tessa was ready to throw a massive PB in the discus!

The next event was the 5000m for the men. For Team Eindhoven Matthijs, Finn, Robin, Stijn and Luc participated, with the first three in the first team. Using Finn as a pacer, Matthijs managed to run sub16 with an amazing time of 15:53.56, becoming 5th and scoring 9 points! Finn, who would run a half marathon in 1:09:56 just a day later, finished in 16:01.72, and Robin finished in 17:40.25. The guys for the second team ran great times as well, with 18:40.63 for Stijn and 22:33.58 for Luc.

Oscar, with a painful wrist, then participated in his favorite event: the shot put. He had made some serious preparations to ensure he could throw with his wrist, using a lot of tape. He managed to throw 12.60 in his first attempt, which he thought was enough. It sure was, as it secured him the 3rd place and 10 points! In the second team Jelle sacrificed himself to do this event, and he threw a new PB of 9.50m!

Jelle preparing mentally before his throw of 9.50m.

While Kaj placed 4th last year with a jump of 6.25, this year he managed to improve this to 2nd place and 11 points, with a jump of 6.29! Placing third overall was Carl (who participated for the second team) with a jump of 6.27. Jumping another 2cm less was Tim, who jumped to 6.25 and 3rd place. In the top 5 jumpers, 3 were from Team Eindhoven! It’s a pity only the best result scores points!

Tim during his jump of 6.25m, which landed him 4th place.

Then it was time for some hurdles! First, the men did their 110mH. Tom finished in 18.66, which was his very first result (that was not a DNS or DQ) for Asterix! He promised that he will go sub17 next year! Gijs participated for the second team and he ran 18.02, which was a 7th place overall. In 5th place, with 8 points, finished Jim, who unfortunately jumped with his wrong leg over the first hurdle, still managing a time of 17.04. For the women, Bente ran a time of 18.19, and Julia ran 17.08. Great job by both, especially considering the rain during their event!

Back to some more throwing! Kirsten and Lianne participated in the javelin throw, with throws of 32.14m for Kirsten and 27.16m for Lianne. With these results, they placed 4th and 9th overall.

Lianne ready for her next attempt.

After placing 4th in the long jump, Tim managed to convincingly win the high jump with a jump of 1.85m! Thanks for the 12 points Tim! Jumping 1.70m was Gijs, who placed 7th. There were 3 other athletes that also jumped 1.70m, but Gijs needed more attempts then 2 of them.

Tim during his winning jump of 1.85m!

After the 5000m for the men, also the women did their long distance in the form of the 3000m. For Team Eindhoven, Sanne ran a time of 14:55.69, placing 18th overall!

Great job by Sanna in the 3k!

After Tim’s win in the high jump, the women of Team Eindhoven tried to follow Tim’s example in the long jump. Julia jumped to a distance of 5.11m, which was good for second place. Jumping to 11th place was Rebecca with a leap to 4.25m!

In the pole vault, Jip, Pablo and Jelle participated, with great results! Jip won the event with a jump of 4.30, which was great considering the circumstances (rain, rain, more rain). Jelle placed 8th with a jump of 3.10m. Unfortunately, Pablo did not make his starting height. We blame the weather, and we are convinced he will easily jump over 4 meters again next year.

Jelle during his warmup.

After Domingos’ relentless nagging to Dodeka, the organization decided to add the 600m to the schedule for the men. The 600 was already part of the schedule for the women, and they were first: Lianne ran 1:52.23 which was enough for 11th place!

Lianne ran a great 600!

For the men, there were 6 athletes that participated: Jens, Lorens, Domingos, Ramon, Wessel and Rafal. In the second heat of three, Lorens, Ramon, Wessel and Rafal ran their races. Lorens was the strongest of these 4, with a time of 1:28.57 (8th overall). Rafal ran 1:30.65 (14th), Wessel beat Ramon by 0.01: 1:30.96 and 1:30.97 (15th and 16th). In the third heat, Jens and Domingos ran. Domingos ran an amazing race, just following Jasper from Dodeka, finishing sub-1:30 with 1:29.70 (12th place). Jens of course won the 600 (12 points!!) with a time of 1:23.36. He was not feeling that well in the days leading up to the race, and he had some issues with his back, but he still won with a margin of over 3 seconds! A big thanks to him for his efforts!

Domingos, as per usual, made a meme to deal with the situation.

Jim also had to throw some javelins after participating in the 4×200 and the 110mH! He threw a distance of 45.49m, which gave Team Eindhoven 10 points. Oscar threw his javelin to 9th place with a throw of 38.92m. Jelle, after sacrificing himself in the shot put already, also had to do javelin throw. He performed well with a throw of 31.77m (15th place).

Yet another event by Jelle: great work!

Teun, Steven, Carl and David also ran the 100m after their efforts in the 4×200. In not-so-great circumstances, Steven ran a time of 12.73, David ran 12.46, Carl ran 12.08 and Teun ran 11.94.

After the men, the women also had their 100m. Merel was the sole participant in the 100m from Team Eindhoven, and the ran 16.02, which landed her 20th place!

Run Merel, Run!

Bente, after her 100mH, also did great in the high jump! She jumped to a height of 1.45m, placing 7th overall!

Then it was time for a highly unusual event: the 3000m Steeple Chase! Kjell and Tim participated for Team Eindhoven. Kjell unfortunately was not able to finish the race. Tim ran a great race, leading from start to finish, finishing with a time of 9:30.15!

Then it was time for the third throwing event for the women: shot put. Kirsten threw a distance of 9.39m: a great 5th place overall. Tessa threw 7.91m and finished 14th.

Tessa, after her PB in discus, just before her first attempt in the shot put.

To end the day on a high note, the Distance Medley Relay took place. This is a relay where the distances run are the 1200, 400, 800 and 1600 in this order. With a time of 14:39.79, the women of Team Eindhoven (Sanna, Rebecca, Carmen and Naomi) came 7th.

The second team of the men (consisting of Ramon, Rafal, Stijn and Luc) finished in a time of 13:20.96 and in 10th place.

Ramon battling the elements as well as his competitors during his 1200.

In the first team for the men (Matthijs, Domingos, Jordi, Andrii), poor Matthijs had to run again after his amazing performance in the 5k. Maybe run a bit slower next time, so you’re not asked for a relay like this ;). After a very exciting final leg, Andrii managed to outkick his opponent from Utrecht, bringing home the victory for the first men’s: another 12 points!

After an exciting day full of great performances, the first team for the men scored 5 wins out of 12, and 125 points in total. This secured them a second place, 4 points behind Team Utrecht, the winners of 2022.

After the events of the day, a fun beerchase-like event took place, a nice refreshing dive in the steeple chase pool was done, and a great dinner was organized by Dodeka (DODEKA VOEDSEL) as well as a party. At the next NSK Party, be sure to request Shirt Uit en Zwaaien for Ramon!

Us Gauls are already looking forward to the next NSK, the NSK Road, also in Delft, on November 12th!