Competition 2nd division Best

Sunday the 7th of May it was time for competition again! Both our women’s and men’s team went to AV Generaal Michaëlis in Best to participate in the second division. Of course, it started early already so most Gauls travelled to the track together by train early in the morning. Jim started off with a great result on Javelin throwing 50,24 meters! Boudewijn and Gijs were on fire while doing their high jump event with Boudewijn matching his PB of 1,85 meters. For the women’s team, Meike Vermeulen did an amazing job, participating in both triple jump and 100 meters hurdles and scoring some good points for the team.

Meike running the 100m hurdles!

Jelle participated in a (very long) pole vault session, but eventually managed to fly over 3,40 meters. Rebecca did a great job on the 100 meters for women and Koen ran an amazing 11,29 on the 100 meters for men, while being injured for a very long time. Is this the start of his comeback?

Meike van Delft ran an 1:00,15 on the 400 meters for women scoring some good points. Tomas and Bjorn were participating in the 400 meters for men, with Tomas running an amazing time in his first competition for Asterix. We hope to get more of this at the next competition day!

Jelle jumping very high during pole vaulting

Then, as predicted, it started to rain. Hard. Very hard. The water came pouring down on the track as everyone had to take shelter. The lightning and thunder made it impossible to stay out in the open, so our Gauls waited and waited. Time flew by as it was very ‘gezellig’ of course. But by the time it was over, Casper and Matthijs only had 15 minutes left to do their warming up for the 5k. Luckily this did not stop them, and Casper ran am overwhelmingly 14:54,49. 25 seconds faster than the second place!

Matthijs running the 5k in the rain…

Eline did a great job running the 3k and fishing second, while almost immediately afterwards running the 400 meters in the Swedish relay! The men’s Swedish relay team also did an amazing job, not dropping the relay baton like the last time they ran it. They set a great time of 2:04,35, finishing third and scoring some good points.

Both teams did an awesome job. The women’s team now have 6632 valuable points and the men’s team have 9321 points and are fourth in the national second division competition!

Amazing performances in Best during the second division competition!