Asterix Trackmeeting 2023

Last Friday, our very own Asterix Trackmeeting took place! With a grand total of 273 participants it was again a well-visited competition. For us Gauls, the Asterix Trackmeeting presented an excellent opportunity to break their PBs, and many of us succeeded in breaking PBs!

The first event of the day was the high jump, in which Tom managed to jump a PB of 1.60m, 2 cm over his previous PB from the NSK Meerkamp of last week!

One of the most epic parts of the Asterix Trackmeeting is the Werpmeerkamp: discus, shot put and javelin all in the same evening. There were some Gauls that participated in the Werpmeerkamp, starting with discus: Jim managed to throw a very impressive 36.82m! With this, he threw the discus almost 2 meters further that a week ago! Also participating in this event were Bram, Timothee, Boudewijn and Tom, with throws of 28.83m, 28.63m, 22.11m and 21.56m.

Jim elegantly throwing a new PB.

After the discus throwing, the next event was a new one: Race the Robot! In an exciting clash, Domingos, Bram and Finn managed to beat the Robot in their 60m sprints (7.89, 8.43 and 9.13s respectively)!

After Race the Robot, the 400m took place. Always an epic event, with some very talented athletes running their races. In the first heat we had Rens, who ran 54.43. He was content with his time for now given his trainings, but he aims for more later in the season. In the second heat, Domingos was given lane 2, from which he ran a new PB by 3 tenths: 54.93! It was his first time sub-55, and as you can image, he was very happy!

Domingos very clearly likes running the 400m.

In the third heat, Nastia also ran a PB, running a very fast 1:03.56, 2 tenths faster than last week in Wageningen!

Then it was time for some more throwing! In the javelin throw, Meike threw 25.82 in her last attempt. Tessa had her best throw first, getting to a distance of 23.54m!

Jim, Timothee and Bram wanted more after their discus throwing, and so they also participated in the shot put. Jim came to a distance of 11.31m, Timothee to 9.44m and Bram to 7.13m.

Next up was the 100m. There were two Gauls that participated: Teun, who finished in 11.58 (just 0.07 above his PB), and Nastia, who ran 13.75 (0.18 above her PB).

Racing the robot over 60m is fun, but even more fun is racing the robot over 80m! Precisely this is what Tom did, and he managed to still beat the robot with a time of 9.91.

The last event of the Werpmeerkamp was the javelin throw. Jim threw 46.99m in his last attempt. Timothee (after getting two invalid attempts), threw his javelin to a distance of 33.58m, which was a PB! Bram managed to throw 28.46m.

Back to some running! The next event was the 800 meters, with A LOT of (ex)-Gauls participating. In a very purple first heat, Tijs, Jordi, Lorens and Piotr ran, with Casper as a pacer. Tijs ran 1:57.13, and Jordi ran 1:58.35, both SBs. In his first track race since September, Lorens managed to break 2 for the first time in his running career with an epic time of 1:59.49! Plenty of memes were made. Behind Lorens, Piotr just missed out on breaking 2 with a time of 2:01.72.

In the second heat, Maron ran a new PB of 2:06.09! With this, he beat Domingos, who ran 0.02s above his PB with a time of 2:10.87. Very impressive, considering he already raced the robot and ran a new PB on the 400m! Also running in the second heat was Rowan, who ran a time of 2:16.18.

In the third heat, Kjell finished in 2:11.36, a bit above his PB. He’ll surely make it next time! In the fifth heat, John led the race from start to finish, resulting in a time of 2:19.88!

In the sixth heat, Lianne and Meike ran very well to finish in 2:37.96 and 2:42.79 respectively!

Back to the Werpmeerkamp for the women: Meike came to a distance of 8.60m in the shot put, with Tessa throwing 8.08m.

For the last official running event of the evening, we had the 3000m! Again, a big group of Gauls found their way to the starting line. In the first heat, Luc managed to win the race in 8:39.18, after following the pacer (again Casper) for 2100m. Smashing his PB by 22 seconds, Matthijs ran 8:47.00! Not too far behind him we had the interesting battle between William and Tom, which was in the end decided in favor of William (8:51.83 versus 8:52.48). Breaking his PB by 6 seconds was Noud with a great time of 9:05.60. Wearing that purple singlet for the first time really made him faster! Jordi, after already running a SB in the 800, also participated in the 3000m because he had not suffered enough yet. He ran a very decent time of 9:09.27. A few seconds behind Jordi we found Ramon, who broke his PB by 4 seconds, finishing in 9:26.73! With this, he beat Adomas (9:35.57) and Willem (9:44.56).

The first heat in the beginning of the race.

In the second heat, Eline broke the 10 minute barrier for the first time! She had some help of Finn, who paced her and Carmen. Carmen finished in 10:02.08, also very close to running that sub-10. Ju-Young ran very well, finishing in 11:18.91.

The last event of the Werpmeerkamp for the women was the discus throw. This was convincingly won by Tessa, with a throw of 29.55m. Meike got second with 25.54m.

As usual, after the Asterix Trackmeeting the NK Beerchase takes place! There were many teams participating with at least one Gaul in them. Some honorable mentions: The women’s team of Rianne, Carmen and Marit turned out to be the best runners and best drinkers! Finishing in third with the men was Team Toutatis, consisting of Tom, Jim and Domingos.

Written by Lorens