2nd division competition 3 Oosterhout

Sunday July 2nd it was time for the last competition for the second division team of both the women and the men. Bright and early, our Gauls travelled from Eindhoven to Oosterhout by bus, train and car to deliver some great performances again!

Jim was ready for the competition. And of course he was wearing the new bucket hat

At 11:05, Audrey could kick-off this windy day with the first event: 100 meter hurdles. Audrey set a great time of 21,21! Then it was time for Boudewijn to start the triple jump. He smashed his old PB by 30cm and set a distance of 12.75! At 11:35 it was time for the 100m hurdles for men, where both Jim and Gijs participated in. Jim got second with a time of 16.08 and Gijs had a great time of 17.20.

Sophie had to do shotput and also set a new PB with a distance of 9,03 meters! Of course she was very happy as she did not expect this at all. At 12:05 it was time for Oscar to break his PB at hammer throwing. He got to a distance of 37,81 throwing far over 37 meters! Casper, of course, was first on the 800m in a time of 1:54,11.

Casper flying on the 800 meters!

Sanne was ready for high jumping, but unfortunately could not participate after having jumped over 1,20 meters due to a back injury. All Gauls wish her a speedy recovery and we hope next time she will jump a new PB!

At 12:55 it was time for the 100 meters for men. Where both Teun and Koen participated in. Teun unfortunately felt something in his groin after the start, but was able to finish the race in a great time of 11,44, a personal best! But not an official PB as the wind was +5.4 m/s. Koen ran a legal 11,15 and delivered some very needed points for the team!

Koen and Teun reliving their 100m experience with the hard wind

Lianne ran her 400m in a time of 1:06,04, which is 0,02 above her PB! Next season she will smash he PB on this event. In the meantime, Jelle scored some great points for the men’s team on pole vault with a jump of 3,30. Jim ran a 52,20 on his 400m, staying relaxed and taking the win in his heat!

Lianne on the 400 meters!

Boudewijn jumped over 1,80 meters just like 8 others on high jump, and had to run a 200 meters after as Teun could not continue after the 100 meters. Koen ran a great 22,35 on his 200m! Bjorn and Oscar did a great job on shot put for men. Eline ran a 4:48,38 on the 1500 and got second overall. She scored some valuable points for the women’s team.

Andrii and Matthijs ran the 5000 meters. Unfortunately, Andrii stepped out, but Matthijs set an astonishing new PB of 15:32,54. He ran 21 seconds faster than his old PB! Jim, on the inside of the track, did an amazing job on javelin, throwing 49,71. Rik, our beloved trainer, threw 45,09! On the 3000 meters, Eline was able to pull off another great time, getting third overall.

Eline also flying on her long distance events!

The last event of the day was the 4X 400 meter. The women’s team, with Merel, Lianne, Eline (again) and Rebecca set a great time of 4:42,63! The men’s team did not have all 400m specialists (Casper, Jordi, Gijs and Matthijs), but still mamaged to run an amazing time of 3:37,62, thereby scoring the last points of the day!

At the end of the day, the men’s team got second overall and the women’s team eight. The men’s team, in the overall standings after 3 competition games, are second in the 2nd division and will participate in the promotion game in September!

Matthijs had a great day (with his new Bucket hat)

It was a windy day, but that did not hold our Gauls back. There were some great performances and some new PB’s. A special thanks to Rowan, who made some nice pictures and movies! Afterwards, our Gauls travelled back to Eindhoven and had dinner at Vapiano, and as a dessert (of course) some ice cream!

Written by Teun