NSK Road 2023

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Last weekend, the NSK Road took place on our own campus in Eindhoven. Of course, many Gauls competed, some medals were won, and an amazing party in the Belgian Beercafé was held.

The day started of with the 10km. Our previous chairman Jens immediately took the lead, and after one lap he gapped the field. He won in 33:44, 79s faster than the next student. Also running the 10km were Sergio (5th in 36:57), Job (6th in 36:58), Ju-Young (17th in 41:36) and Boudewijn (18th in 41:57). Yes, Boudewijn, the technical athlete, voluntarily ran a 10km! He must be preparing for next year’s isocathlon!

After the 10km, it was time for the 5km!

After running with the front group for quite some time, Uko and Matthijs found themselves just not able to fight for the podium. Uko only missed out by 4 seconds, finishing 4th in 15:59. Matthijs finished in 16:09 in 6th. In 17th we had Rafał, who ran a PB of 17:21 even while not feeling 100%. In 20th and 21st we had Finn and Domingos in 18:06 and 18:16 respectively. Our new board member Maron finished in 19:12 and 31st place.

In the 5km with the women, Nastia almost broke the 20 minute barrier, running 20:19. With this, she finished 6th. She has another opportunity to break 20 in two weeks, she surely will make it there! Finishing in 7th we had Kim in 21:45, just 13 days after her half marathon in Eindhoven! Britte, who ran the same half marathon just 13 days before, finished in 22:23 and 10th place. Just a few seconds later, Meike crossed the finish line in 22:39. Finishing in 15th place was Sophie, who ran 25:27!

Meike and Kim running together for the picture.

This year, a new event was added: the 4×400 road relay! This was as spectacular as it sounds like! With 2 Asterix teams competing, it looked very promising! Team Purple Fire, consisting of Maron, Maaike, Nastia and Bjorn managed to run the road 4×400 in exactly 4 minutes (which is really fast if you think about it, our clubrecord outdoor on the track is only 3:58.22)! The second team (called Domingos Varela Marreiros in the results) finished in 4:20, after great efforts by Domingos, Kim, Meike and Koen. Unfortunately, this was only enough for a 4th place finish.

An exciting start to the 4x400m road relay!

The event went very well: big kudos to the NSK Road Committee! Surely, this was an amazing start to the board year of the 55th board!

With this NSK now behind us, we are looking forward to the next one! That NSK will take place in Nijmegen, organized by our friends at ‘t Haasje. Be sure to not miss out on our renewed hunt for medals at the NSK Staircase Running!