NSK Trappenloop 2023

Last Friday, a big group of Gauls went to Nijmegen to participate in the NSK Trappnloop! Organized by our friend from ‘t Haasje, we knew it was going to be a great event! They had even scared us a bit in advance by letting us know it was the biggest ever NSK Trappenloop…

The first event of the evening was the 10 stages for the men. In the non-student category, Gijs won in a time of 0:57! Gijs got the silver medal in the NSK on the 10 stages already in 2018, so he had lots of experience to guide him to this first place!

In the NSK 10 stages, we had Tristan and Jim in a time of 56 seconds (which was a shared 4th place together with 4 others), Maron just behind on 58 seconds in 12th place, then Tom and Jens in 1:00 in shared 17th place, followed by Bjorn in 1:01 (23rd) and Harm in 1:02 (24th). Rafał finished in 1:06 and 26th place. The time of Stijn is until now not yet known due to some technical difficulties.

After these men showed how it’s done, Audrey and Vera were next in the NSK 10 stages. Audrey finished 11th in a time of 1:30. Just like with Stijn, Vera’s time is not yet known either.

Before the start of the 20 stages, Matthijs managed to bras the mascot of Currimus, Curry the mus.

The second event of the day was the best visited event at the NSK: the 20 stages for the men. Of course, Asterix was well represented there! Winning the event with overwhelming might was Lorens in a time of 2:04. Last time he finished 3rd in the 10 stages (back then in a time of 56s), after which he vowed to win the 20 stages this time. So he did, and in the process he beat Kai, who finished in 2:10 and 3rd place, and the winner of last time, Matthijs, who finished in 2:12 and 4th place. With this, we had 3 Gauls in the top 4, out of a total field consisting of 48 athletes! Kjell also ran the 20 stages, and he finished in a very respectable time of 2:43 in 31st!

What do you think Lorens likes more? Receiving medals or eating kiwis “the right way”?

In the NSK 20 stages for the women, Clara did really well: she finished in 4:19 and 11th place!

At this point, Clara was still enjoying the race!

After the individual events, it was time for the relays!

In the 4×5 stages relay NSK, Team Toutatis Tijgers consisting of Maron, Stijn, Lorens and Jim won in a ridiculous time of 1:41, beating the competition by 6 full seconds.

Bolt (the mascot of Toutatis) was content with his team’s performance! Toutatis really was the fastest fraternity on Friday!

Also participating in the regular relay (but then not NSK) were the 55th board with Tom, Bjorn, Gijs and Kjell, and another team consisting of Rowan, Matthijs, trainer Wichard and his son Tonnie. The board team won in a time of 1:57, and Rowan’s team claimed silver in 2:24!

Maybe no medals in the non-NSK category, but there were Milka Chocolate bars!

With a lot of medals won, and a lot of fun had, the NSK was a massive success!

Very tiring, climbing all those stairs!

We are looking forward to the next NSK, the NSK Cross in Maastricht!

Written by Lorens