NSK trappenloop

Last Friday a big amount of Gauls participated in the NSK Trappenloop. The first Gaul who climbed the stairs of the Erasmustower in Nijmegen was Britt. She climbed 10 floors and became 8th woman. At the 20 floors race Jordi, who was dressed as Obelix, became 21st and also Sébastien did a good job and became 26th. At the duorun John and Marvin, who called themselves ‘Liever met de roltrap’, became 2nd and received a medal with their performance.

After that it was time for the beerchase: teams consisting of four members had to run 20 floors in total as a relay, but before a runner could start he had to drink one beer. Team ‘Adtje trapverlies’, which consisted of Iris, Vera, Michiel and Britt, became 13th. There was a competition going on between a part of the new board of Asterix, consisting of Harry, Ramon, Oscar and Willem, and a part of the old board, consisting of Casper, Tom, Jelle and Henrik. As it turned out, the old board was a bit quicker than the new board. The old board became 2nd, while the new board became 8th.

After everyone had climbed the stairs, drank the beers and was hungry, a meal was arranged in the canteen in Nijmegen. When the Gauls had finished their meals it was time to travel back to Eindhoven, after a successful NSK.

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