L’Avant Sylvestrecross Reusel 2019

On Sunday 8 December Asterix took part in the L’Avant Sylvestrecross in Reusel. Some Gauls stayed at home - illness or the bad weather – but around seven Asterix members did leave their comfy beds to go to Reusel. The weather app Buienradar luckily promised no rain after 9 am. We arrived in Reusel at 9:30 … with rain coming down in buckets.

Michiel reluctantly went to the starting line just in time for the ‘recreanten’ race. His did a fast first short round, which resulted in a tough second long round. He stopped after the second round and went inside for some hot chocolate.

In the meantime, John arrived soaking wet from his cycle ride and John, Daan and Carmen, headed off for the long-distance race, which started at 11 am. Weather at this point: still cats and dogs. The trio started at the back of the group, and spent the beginning dodging left and right and overtaking to get better positions. Daan was the fastest of the three and ended at a nice 9th place. Carmen slipped and slided after John through the mud (unfortunately without spikes) for three long rounds and finished as fourth woman. John had to do one more round and eventually ended as 13th male. Rianne (an ex-Gaul) also participated in the long-distance race but unfortunately had to drop out due to an injury.

Meanwhile, the short-distance Gauls were warming up. Marissa was in shape and won the race with ease – the second woman finished a whole minute behind her. Marvin said he was not in shape but still became 8th!

All in all a respectable result and we are looking forward to the next cross-country race. But first: NSK Trappenloop in Nijmegen!