Cross Country Races January 26

Joe Mann Bosloop - Best

On January 26 the Joe Mann Bosloop in Best took place. During the warming-up, Tom decided not to run today, due to an injury. When the sun started to shine, also the long cross started, where Carmen and Willem started. The long cross consisted of one short lap and three long laps for the women and four long laps for the men. Willem ran a fast first three laps, but after 7k also he decided to quit the race, due to an injury. Luckily Carmen did manage to run all the way to the finish and the even became the 2nd women!

After the long cross it was time for the short cross, where Anne, Robert and Marvin started. The short cross consisted of one short lap and one middle-long lap. It was a fight for the second place between Robert and Marvin. Marvin started fast and ran ahead after the first lap with a gab of 10 meters. However, Robert had a faster second lap, he managed to take over the lead and became 2nd with a 6 seconds gab to Marvin, who became 3th. Also Anne ran a good race and became the third women at the short cross.

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Mastboscross - Breda

On Sunday afternoon two Gauls, Casper and Harry, travelled all the way to Breda to participate in the Mastboscross. As this cross is part of the National Cross series there was a very strong opposition. The course was 2.6km long, and very flat and solid, so it promised to become a very fast race.

The start line was very narrow, causing a lot of pushing and poking at the start of the race. Casper, who finished in 4th place in the previous race of this series, started from the side and tried to wrestle himself into a good position. Right after the start, the course took a sharp turn to the left and Casper was pushed aside into the mud. He lost a couple of places, but tried to make his way back to the lead. Unfortunately his race was over after having to avoid some people falling right in front of him. He finished in 17th place. Harry, as a 400m runner, did his first cross of the season. He also got to enjoy the wrestling match at the start, and then found his place in the race. Harry finished in 50th place.

Vlakwatercross - Venray

Today the Vakwatercross in Venray organized by ATV Venray took place. This was a home-game for Finn and Iris. Also Hannah and Melissa came to Venray to participate in the Cross. Finn and Iris started at 10h30 with the long cross; 8.050m, four laps of 2.010m. Finn, member of ATV, started fast. The first two rounds were even such fast that the had the recover in the third lap to survive the last lap. Finn finished at a 11th place. Although Iris almost never runs cross country races, she liked this cross country race. By focusing on the runners in front of her, Iris managed to take over a lot of runners and she became 9th.

Hannah and Melissa started at 11h30 with the short cross; 4.020m, 2 laps of 2.010m. Hannah was really happy about her race. She had a good pace and became 6th. Melissa was looking forward to the race, because of the nice weather. However, the did not run good, because her legs started to sour early. Nevertheless she became 4th in the race.