NK Indoor 2020

The NK Indoor 2020 took place in Omnisport in Apeldoorn like every year. Three athletes of Asterix participated during this National Championship. The race started with the series 800m of the men, where Tijs participated. The winner of each of the 4 series and the 2 overall best times would qualify for the 800m finals. Although 2 disqualifications in Tijs series, he became third and did not qualify for the finals. Also Marissa ran the 800m series. In the series for the women the first of each serie and the 3 with the overall best times qualified for the finals. Marissa won here race, so therefore she managed to qualify for the finals on Sunday!

On Sunday the 800m finals took place, where Marissa was one of the favorites for the golden medal. In a though race, with pushes and pulls on all sides Marissa managed to win the bronze medal! Casper ran the 3000m on Sunday got a amazing result, this was his experience of his day:


“Imagine feeling like doing this”, I told the members of the Registration Office with a smile on my face, when picking up my bib number for the 3000 meter Indoor Championships. No, it wasn’t easy at all to look forward to running 15 laps on a muggy indoor track, while suffering from a cold and racing against a field of competitors in which there was a realistic chance for me to be lapped. However, when facing the crowded Omnisport Stadium, the last traces of my reluctance disappeared, and made space for the usual excitement before a big race. ‘As I should’ during any Championship race, I tried to keep up with the first group right after the start, but after a very fast first kilometer in 2:40 I already realized that I wouldn’t be able to maintain the pace until the finish line, and decided to switch to a slower schedule. I managed to do this reasonably well, and after many laps of suffering I finally approached the last lap. For a moment, I thought that the fireworks next to the track were meant for me, until I realised that my fear was becoming reality: the winner of the race Mike Foppen overtook me in an impressive pace and managed to lap me in his final meters, something that had never happened to me before. Despite this, I managed to stay concentrated and secured the Indoor Club Record during my last lap, with a twelfth place and a time of 8:29,30, boosting my confidence towards the outdoor season after all!