NSK Indoor 2020

With the winds picking up again we once again braced ourselves for yet another storm. And with this in mind we decided to play it safe and do some racing indoors!

At 8:30 (maybe a couple of minutes later, ahem) the van and a couple of cars departed from Eindhoven to the indoor track in Apeldoorn. The reason for this early departure was that we were also supplying a bunch of volunteers (thanks volunteerers). All other athletes (especially Willem) really appreciated their contribution and were happy to get up a little earlier than usual 💜.

First up were the 60m sprinters of Asterix. This was Wessel’s first ever 60m ( = pb: woo-hoo), however he didn't do a thorough course inspection before starting, resulting in him dunking at the 50m line. A bunch of other Gauls participated, where (for example) Jelle even managed to run 8:11 while being hungover!

At the throwing events Oscar managed to throw a pb, although he didn't appear to be very happy. This might have been due to him getting partly distracted by his colleagues (Michiel) phone calls (which apparently is not allowed while throwing heavy balls btw). Rebecca was also present in the shot put and managed to throw 9.80, just 2cm under her pb.

The 400m was another popular event for our Gauls, where many acceptable times were run in 2 laps of the tiny track. Wessel and Harry were placed in the same heat which made for a fun little race.

At the dreaded 3000m (which is pretty much anaerobic due to the hot, dry and oxygen depleted air) , Casper and Tom were sadly split from Willem with respect to the heats. Willem had some trouble pushing through after half of the race, and had to let go a little in the second half. Caspers race tactic was clear: boemelen. The first 1500m of the race, almost the entire heat was running as one big group, after this Casper did a 1500m sprint and managed to easily win the 3000m!

Finally after a lot of 200m heats, 3 Asterix teams were present at the relays. Our mens team easily won the olympic relay (and overtook a couple of other teams in the process). The women of Bellefleur participated in the 4x200m, which they won by having an exciting final 200m sprint between Maaike and some other athlete from Amsterdam (see video).

After this a couple of vegetarian burgers were tried at Burger King, and about 10 free ice creams were scammed off. A small group went to the party till approximately 1/2 after which a sober Harry drove them back to Eindhoven for a well deserved sleep.

All the results of our Gauls are shown below.

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Position Name Achievement
60m 41 Wessel 7,93
43 Jelle 8,11
BM Carl 7.71
BM Wing 8,77
200m 8 Maureen 27,17
24 Matthijs 25,47
400m 4 Maaike 58,85
10 Tijs 51,56
27 Harry 56,17
28 Wessel 56,49
32 Michiel 1:20,69
3000m 1 Casper 8:45,95
6 Tom 9:18,43
10 Willem 10:14,32
Kogel 5 Oscar 11,60
10 Rebecca 9,80
18 Michiel 5,96
Ver 8 Britt 5,00
BM Carl 6,27
Hoog 8 Bente 1,50
4x200m 1 Bellefleur 1:48,81
Maureen, Rebecca, Britt, Maaike
3 Purple Captains 1:47,74
Carl, Wessel, Marvin, Michiel
Olympic relay 1 De sexy beesten van Asterix 3:38,99
Casper, Tijs, Jelle, Harry