Batavierenrace 2020

With a lot of rain, some illness, a lot of wind (not always bad hehe), some hills in the southernmost of the Netherlands (also not always bad), we ran a total of 300 km this weekend. Despite not being together, we managed to form a strong team and ran fast times.

Some interesting facts and figures of this race:

'Team Eindhoven':

  • ran the 125 km in 18 stages ranging from 5 till 10 km.
  • The team consisted of 12 men and 6 women, with 6 nationalities.
  • We took 8:00:58 to run the 125km, this translates to an average pace of 15.6 km/h!
  • The fastest runner ran 3:06/km (19.3 km/h) on a 10 km stage.

Team 'Asterix en de sexy beesten':

  • ran the 125 km in 19 stages ranging from 3 till 15 km.
  • The team consisted of 11 men and 8 women.
  • The total running time was 9:32:31, which translates to an average speed of 13.1 km/h.
  • The fastest runner in this team had a speed of 18.23 km/h over 6 km.

We hope all participants had an amazing time. We're already looking forward to representing Eindhoven in the (hopefully non-virtual) Batavierenrace 2021!