After the Corona solo 5k and 10k, today it was time for CoronaSolo3k! It was a hot and humid day with a considerable amount of wind: not optimal racing conditions.

Daan was clever and started on his 3k loop before 9am, avoiding the heat of the day. He had a fast start (first km in 3:20 min), but his loop turned out to be a bit too short (1.8k, @Daan use next time). The next Gaul to attempt the 3k race was Finn. He managed to find a long enough 3k loop and finished in a respectable time of 9:43. Finn then persuaded Tom to also participate last minute, who finished in 9:37 (just about managed to reach his goal of beating Finn). Anne Jonker decided to brave the heat and ran the race in exactly 13 minutes! Also Thijs ran the 3k in a respectable 10:26.

In the evening when the temperature had cooled down a lot (cheating), Willem, Harry and Casper tackled a 3k lap of their choice. Willem managed to finish his in 10:10, Harry his in 10:59, and Casper ran his 3k in 8:35! (Yes, we asked him, Casper says he did not secretly cycle).

We are looking forward to the next races. A CoronaSoloMarathon? Or perhaps a ‘physical’ race again?