NSK teams 2020


Yesterday NSK teams took place in the beautiful FBK stadium in Hengelo. We departed from Eindhoven in the SSC vans and a couple of cars, in which (to prevent Corona from spreading in the cramped car space) we all had to take and wear face masks.

Thanks to Harry we departed extremely on time, arriving in the FBK stadium way too early. So while Kronos was still setting things up for the race, a bunch of sleepy Gauls got the chance to discuss team tactics, tear off signs from a toilet saying that NSK teams participants are not allowed to use them (they were reserved for a football club apparently), and just being a bit grumpy at each other.

Finally the flag parade took place, which didn’t end up being a parade due to corona but just briefly mentioning all clubs which were present ☹.


After this the actual athletic events took place. A couple of highlights:

  • Our competition secretary Tessa finally dabbled her toe into track racing. She showed that she has a strong thirst for competition as she actually pushed a strong sprint finish in which she managed to overtake some girl from Kronos and actually created an additional 4s gap. As this was a ‘Drienerlose mijl' (1348m, weird distance, we know) it is now time that she goes and tries a proper distance 😊.
  • At the 4x100m fresh Gaul Justine showed that she has quite a bit of speed. While all other female team members were very fast (ofcourse) they ended up being slower than a couple of other teams :l. However in the final 100m Justine managed to overtake all of these other teams and finished first in the series.
  • Long distance runner John went a bit crazy after his trail ordeal in Saalbach, and participated in the 100m sprint and long jump. After doing the 100m sprint the race officials had to stop him from continuing on as his long-distance brain was not yet able to comprehend that he had already finished when he did.
  • Domingos did a 300m for the first time, and ran way faster than expected, resulting in a very nice time!
  • Willem and Ramon had been provoking each other for about an entire month on who would win the drienerlose mile. However after about one lap, Ramon showed that the DM was in fact a perfect distance for him, as he went full power and almost took the third place off of Koen from Tartlétos.
  • Also triathlete Finn went ahead and tried out running without first cycling and swimming. He joined the 5000m and despite not wearing spikes (it’s a mental boost) managed to finish in a strong 6th place!
  • We have a new fast sprinter! Benjamin showed that the past months of training have paid off dramatically by finishing first at the 100m sprint.

All other accomplishments can be found all the way at the bottom of this post!

When all events were finished, everybody waited anxiously for the results. After some waiting we heard that  the womens team became second and the mens team became third! All in all everybody performed very well. However I might have heard from a certain chairman that we are going to need to double our training efforts in the upcoming year so that we can once again take the overall win from Nijmegen.

After the race we got some food from the organization in our designated corona sections (all teams got a separate section in which they had to stay while not racing) which was nice. Finally most of us returned to Eindhoven, even giving lifts for other student association members due to some blank seats. Overall it was a great day, thanks to Kronos for organizing this event!


All results can be found here: https://www.atletiek.nu/wedstrijd/main/32993/

Team Eindhoven results are shown below:

Position Name Achievement
100m 1 Benjamin 11,37
15 Jelle 12,58
17 John 13,54
300m 9 Jordi 38,87
12 Wessel 39,16
13 Domingos 39,69
Drienerlose mile 2 Job 3:48,62
4 Ramon 3:51,22
9 Willem 4:01,75
5000m 1 Casper 15:29,51
4 Tom 15:54,28
6 Finn 16:36,75
200mH 8 Jim 28,64
14 Harry 31,59
Discus 5 Oscar 33,39
12 Tom Versteeg 23,29
Shot put 6 Oscar 10,42
11 Tom Versteeg 7,97
Javelin 3 Jim 47,15
9 Oscar 37,66
High jump 2 Jim 1,80
4 Luuk 1,75
Long jump 9 Jelle 5,35
15 John 4,26
4x100m 5 Asterix 47,35
Benjamin, Wessel, Jelle, Harry
4x400m 3 Asterix 3:40,77
Casper, Jordi, Harry, Ramon
Position Name Achievement
100m 3 Justine 12,84
6 Maureen 13,10
13 Rebecca 13,92
300m 3 Maaike 43,14
8 Anne 46,84
14 Elise 50,78
Drienerlose mile 8 Naomi 4:47,52
16 Tessa 5:54,19
- Jill -
3000m 4 Eline 10:24,60
8 Carmen 11:10,90
- - -
200mH 2 Silke 28,82
5 Justine 30,36
Discus 9 Merel 22,80
15 Bente 15,13
Kogel 5 Rebecca 9,78
8 Sanne 8,33
Javelin 1 Sanne 33,01
7 Lianne 29,76
High jump 1 Silke 1,65
10 Bente 1,40
Long jump 4 Maureen 5,15
9 Britt 4,78
4x100m 3 Asterix 52,80
Lianne, Justine, Britt, Maureen
4x400m 2 Asterix 4:19,20
Maaike, Anne, Silke, Elise