l’Avant Sylvestrecross 2021

Last Sunday, many Gauls went to the cross country race in Reusel. In anticipation of the race, Domingos was quite excited so he made some memes. Domingos had all the reasons to be excited, because a whopping 13 Gauls decided to come and play in the mud together.

To start the day off right, Finn, John and Carmen ran the long cross. Because of an accident on the course, the laps were shortened somewhat, so the cross was a bit shorter. Still, a great way to spend your Sunday morning! Finn managed to place 10th, while John finished in 23rd. Carmen finished in an impressive 6th place. In the standings of the competition Finn occupies the 6th position, with only 2 out of 3 crosses participated!

The short cross started at 12:45. There would not only be the battle between Domingos and Lorens as described in Domingos’ meme, but also the battles between Ramon and Wessel and between Andrii and Matthijs. Especially the latter battle is quite interesting, as Andrii beat Matthijs in the previous two competitions by only one second!

Determined to not lose again, Matthijs started strong and never gave up on his lead over Andrii, finally beating him in the shortest cross of this season.

A few seconds in front of Matthijs, William sprinted his way to 3rd place. With only 2 crosses run, William is now in 4th place in the standings of the competition.

The battle between Domingos and Lorens turned out to not be quite as exciting as the battle between Matthijs and Andrii. With a gap of 37 seconds, Domingos performed significantly better than in Sint-Oedenrode where the gap was a bit larger. Domingos was so happy that Ramon even made a meme about his battle with Lorens.

Just like Matthijs, Ramon started aggressively in hopes of staying ahead of Wessel. He managed to do this, making the gap 8 seconds at the finish.

Behind Ramon, an unexpected battle arose: with the same final time, and thus in a sense a draw between the two, Wessel and Lorens sprinted their way to the finish hoping to edge out the other. The rematch will be at the NSK Cross on January 16th!

Our competition secretary for the road and cross, Hessel, was convinced to finally try a cross. Unfortunately, problems with his achilles prevented him from finishing the race. Better luck in Nijmegen!

In the standings, the entire podium for the men short cross is now occupied by Asterix: Andrii is leading the standings with a few points more than Matthijs, while Lorens follows in third place.

The short cross would not be any less interesting for the women, however! Merel managed to secure her first place in the standings of the overall circuit by a nice 10th place finish. Anne even finished in 6th! Anne now is placed 5th in the standings of the Kempian Cross Competitions.

There are still 5 races to go, with the next cross in Oirschot on the 26th of December. Who knows what might happen with more crazy battles!

Written by Lorens