Wedertcross 2022

Last Sunday, the fourth cross of the Kempian Cross Circuit took place. As always, many Gauls decided to participate.

The first event was the long cross. Casper, Finn, Lennert and Adomas participated in this race. Casper managed to win the cross! Finn came in 4th place, Lennert got 8th and Adomas got 10th. The standings are not yet updated, but it’s looking good for Finn, with none of the runners ahead of him in the standings scoring more points than him!

Then, at 12:00, the short cross took place. Matthijs, Ramon, Lorens, Thijs, Vincent and Anne ran their three lap race, enjoying the beautiful weather. Matthijs managed to outkick his opponent in the last 20 meters, winning the cross. Ramon got third, a few seconds in front of Lorens. Ramon showed that Lorens’ jedi mind tricks did not work on him. Then Thijs got 6th and Vincent got 13th. Even though the standings are not yet up to date, we know that the all-Asterix podium remains in place, but now with Matthijs in the lead, followed by Lorens and Andrii. It’s going to be quite interesting to see who will win the Kempian Cross Competition, Andrii or Matthijs!

Ramon managed to beat Lorens by 8 seconds.

Anne managed to win the women’s short cross! When our calculations are correct, she will move into 4th place, a few points behind Merel, who unfortunately wasn’t fit enough to participate.

In the women U20 race, Lilla secured a nice second place! She will secure a shared second place in the standings for the women U20.

Some tense faces mere seconds after the start in Valkenswaard.

The Kempian Cross Competition is now halfway! With 4 crosses in 4 weeks in March, a great deal of points are to be divided. We are looking forward to seeing more exciting battles like the one between Ramon and Lorens in Valkenswaard, or a renewed rivalry between Matthijs and Andrii.

The next cross will be our very own Paarse Boscross on the 6th of March! We expect many Gauls to participate and volunteer there. You really don’t want to miss this cross!

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Written by Lorens