Paarse Boscross 2022

Last Sunday, the first edition of our very own Paarse Boscross took place! With a great deal of Gauls either participating or volunteering, lots of purple could be found in the forest! The cross sparked some interest from Eindhovens Dagblad, who wrote a piece about it (in Dutch). See this link.

With the non-competitive runners, Luc decided to join. He ran a fast race and he was happy with his performance. Great job Luc!

Then, the long cross took place. Casper, Finn, Tim, Lennert, Robin and Rianne participated, and Casper managed to get the win! He is now in second place in the standings of the circuit, with good hopes of getting the final victory! Finn is now third in those standings, after his exciting photo-finish with the current leader in the standings. Finn managed to get 5th. Not that far behind Finn we had Tim, running a strong race, finishing 6th. Lennert and Robin finished 8th and 9th. In the top 10, 5 men train at Asterix! It seems like our trainer knows what he is doing! Rianne also decided to run the long cross, where she ran to an impressive 4th place. This was her first cross in the Kempian Cross Competition.

After the long cross, as usual, the short cross takes place! Again, many Gauls participated: Thijs. Ramon, Kjell, Vincent, Boudewijn, Stefan and Lilla participated! With the women, Lilla ran to an impressive second place. She is now in second place in the standings, only 5 points behind the number 1, with one cross less participated! With the men, while Thijs finished 36 seconds behind Ramon in Valkenswaard, the previous cross, he managed to outkick Ramon in the Paarse Boscross, getting second. He did what he said after the last race: “I will try to beat Ramon next time!” Kjell was engaged in a fierce battle with an athlete from Best. With a strong surge he managed to beat him and get 4th place. Vincent and Boudewijn were closely matched, with Vincent beating our treasurer by 2 seconds. Stefan, who returned from Portugal, got 10th. The standings for the short cross are interesting: Matthijs is still in first place, Lorens is still second, even though both did not participate in the short cross today. Ramon is now in 7th place in the standings, but he has great chances of getting to the podium still.

Thijs in second, Ramon in third, with a great view of the Meeuwven in the background.

Then, a new event took place: the relay! This is not a usual event for the Kempian Cross Competition, but it lots of fun! There were two Asterix teams: Paars boven Paars and Power to the Purple. The first team consisted of Vincent, Rianne, Lennert and Finn, while the second team consisted of Jens, Justine, Ramon and Lorens. After a great start by Jens and great runs by Justine and Ramon, Lorens took the Strava Segment and the win for Power to the Purple. The team Paars boven Paars was too strong for the other competition and secured the second place after some great runs.

It was a busy day, also for the organization of the cross, but it was all worth it! This Saturday, the NSK Indoor will take place. There will be some lunatics that will also run the cross in Eersel on Sunday. Let’s see what next weekend will bring!

Written by Lorens

Tense start of the short cross.