Joe Mann Bosloop 2022

After the great results at the competitions last week, this week the Joe Mann Bosloop in Best took place! As always with the Kempian Cross Competition, some Gauls decided to participate!

Unfortunately, Finn could not participate in the long cross, because he had covid! Finn is fast, but he is unfortunately not fast enough to dodge corona. That meant that not even one Gaul participated in the long cross! Let’s change that next week in Oirschot!

Luckily, the short cross was more popular with the Gauls! Anne ran to an impressive second place, and Sophie became sixth in her first Kempian Cross. Great job! Merel (who is in Belgrade with the board, watching the World Indoor Championships) is still in second place, and Lilla and Anne now share third place in the standings, with only one cross to go!

With the short cross for the men, Lorens was unfortunately not present because he also had covid! This meant that Ramon had to find someone else to try to beat. Matthijs turned out to be too strong, beating Ramon by 8 seconds in Matthijs’ home race. With Lorens’ absence, Ramon’s meme about beating Lorens does not apply for this week yet, but we will see what happens next week!

Credits to Ramon for the meme. We will see what happens next week!

Matthijs is still in first place in the standings, with Ramon now moving into second place. Matthijs now has so many points, he cannot be overtaken anymore, meaning that he has won the Kempian Cross Competition for the Short Cross with the men! Ramon can only lose his second place in theory. It will be interesting to see if Lorens can still make it to the third place in the standings, securing an all-purple podium!

Maybe a fully purple podium is possible in Oirschot?

The next competition for the Gauls will be the NSK Ekiden in Utrecht next Saturday, where we will some very strong teams competing to become Dutch Student Champion! The day after the NSK Ekiden, the last of the 8 Kempian Crosses will take place in Oirschot. Will there be many Gauls crazy enough to go to the cross the day after an amazing NSK Party? Read all about it in the blog of the Auwjaorscross next week!

Written by Lorens