Dommelloop 2022

Last Thursday, the Dommelloop took place! Organized by our very own Dommelloop committee, the event turned out to be a great success! The preparations were disrupted a bit by the weather forecast: the KNMI had put out a code yellow for the 31st of March, starting at 22:00.

The weather was nice for many weeks, but OF COURSE the KNMI had to predict a snowstorm during the Dommelloop. Credits to Domingos.

Not knowing entirely if the Dommelloop could take place, the committee decided to keep going as if the event could take place.

Matthijs, Jippe and Teun being busy with getting the podium to Eindhoven.

Luckily, the TU/e allowed the committee to make the decision, and it was decided to let the Dommelloop take place!

Domingos really did not want the Dommelloop to be canceled, so he tried to influence the committee by sending this picture. The Dommelloop took place, so it might have worked!

On the day itself, the weather was worse than the previous weeks, but the massive snowstorm that had been predicted fortunately did not come to pass. The rather chilly conditions meant that the Gauls could perform very well.

In the 2.5km, Domingos took the win, edging out Rik, who finished in second place. Naomi won the women’s race, with Elise in third place!

Significantly more Gauls participated in the 5km: Eline won with an amazing time of 18:40, with Celia in third and Merel in an impressive 9th place! With the men, Casper displayed his dominance, winning with a margin of 72 seconds. Jordi came in third, Andrii fourth, Ramon shared fifth place, Lennert was seventh, Pieter Max came in 16th, and Boudewijn became 18th.

Casper with the amazing performance. Credits to Domingos for the meme.
Boudewijn was quite happy with his run!

Then, for the longest distance of the day, the 10km, a great deal of outpurpling was done! Finn won, while in his preparations for the Rotterdam Marathon, with an impressive 33:52. Robin came in second, and Willem completed the purple podium! Jules came in fourth and Fabian fifth. Shoutout to Job, Malcolm, Stijn, Arne and Luc, who also ran great races! Bente T won the race for the women, and Annekoos became sixth.

Finn flying as fast as possible on his fancy shoes, on his way to victory!

This year, the relays returned to the program! Asterix participated with two teams. Team *&† (consisting of Kjell, Vincent, Job and Lilla) got second with the men, while team Technical Athletes Women (consisting of Audrey, Bente S, Lianne and Sophie) won a convincing victory in the women’s category.

Team Technical Athletes Women celebrating their win!

New this year was the associations ranking: Ichthus won it, just beating Theta.

There were also some other Student Athletics Associations present! Some athletes traveled from Tilburg to represent Parcival, and of course to party afterwards in the Kix. There were also some athletes from ‘t Haasje, that won the relay in the Men’s category together with some help from the athletics association in Best. Last but not least were the present Tartletes, traveling all the way from Wageningen to take back Cheetos after Lorens brassed him at the NSK Indoor. It was great to see so many student athletics associations at the Dommelloop!

Tartlétos being happy with the Return of Cheetos!

All in all, the event went quite well, considering the weather conditions! Next year, the committee will try to bring better weather!

The weekend after the Dommelloop, many Gauls went to the trainings weekend in Groet. Read all about that in the next blog!

Written by Lorens