NSK Meerkamp 2024

Last weekend, our friends from Dodeka in Delft organized the NSK Meerkamp! And of course, we went there with a lot of Gauls to participate but also to volunteer!

In this year’s NSK Meerkamp, a new event was added: the so-called Minderkamp (sometimes also called the intermediate meerkamp or kneusjesmeerkamp). For the men, this would entail throwing the shotput with only 4 kilos instead of 7.26, throwing the javelin with only 600 grams instead of 800, throwing the discus with only 1 kilo instead of 2 and changing the 110mH to 100mH while lowering the height to 83cm.

We had three Gauls competing in the intermediate meerkamp: Rowan, Harm and Kjell. Kjell even managed to secure the bronze medal after an impressive show of strength in the 1000m, the last event of the minderkamp. They had the following things to say about their experiences:

“Despite the very hot weather during the weekend, I really liked the NSK meerkamp. I participated in the “minderkamp,” and my goal was to finish the minderkamp to get a little taste of the different events. But I surprised myself by exceeding my expectations and getting a pr in all 8 of the events and even becoming first in the shot put. I would like to thank everyone who gave me tips and encouragement during the competition. You definitely gave the minderkamp meer vibez.” –Harm

The sunglasses surely helped Harm run faster!

“It was really cool to do the “minderkamp”! I’ve done quite some technical events in the past, so to do them again was really nice (especially since all weights and hurdles heights were lower). My first day was not superb, I expected a bit more for all of the 100m, long jump, high jump and shot put. The second day, however, was better; hurdles was decent and I was happy with my discus throw. After a mediocre javelin, I saw I was a little over 200 points behind 3rd place, with my best event to go: the 1000 meters. Together with Rowan we put up a nice show to see who could win the heat. While Rowan did end up taking first place in the 1000, I got enough of a lead with respect to the 3rd place in the standings to take the bronze medal home!”- Kjell

Kjell’s 1000m was the deciding factor in the battle for the bronze medal!

“It was my first time doing technical events in athletics and I trained quite alot for it. I loved long jump which was the only thing I didn’t train but I managed to jump 5.06m! It was a very cool experience to see the side of athletics that isn’t running. Also the weekend was amazing. I got to know new people and had so much fun!!” –Rowan

All participants of the minderkamp celebrating their achievements!

Already two years ago, the loopmeerkamp was added to the NSK Meerkamp. Participants would then run the 100m, 400m, 800m, 1500m and 3000m (originally the 3000m was a 5000m, but this was changed already in the second edition last year). In the third ever edition of the loopmeerkamp, two Gauls were brave enough to participate: Maron and Ju-Young. Both performed very well, with Maron scoring 4 out of 5 PBs, and Jo-Young even scoring 5/5 PBs! In the end, Maron just missed out on the podium, but we are sure he will get there next year. This is what they had to say about their competitions:

“NSK Meerkamp was only NSK left which I had never done before. The first day was the 800 (where I managed to shave a few tenths off my PR and run 2:03 for the 3rd time in 8 days!) and two new events for me: the 100 and the 3000. While the 3000 was awful and way too long, the 100 was much more fun and I surprised myself with my speed. Day 2 began fun with another PB on the 400m by 6 tenths and is very promising after day 1. Before the last event (1500m), the first update of the standings was announced. I was third! However, the men in places 4 and 5 were very close behind and I knew this was their best event. I opened strongly but soon had to let them pass. Although a few points from 3rd, I am very happy with 4 PB’s and 1 SB! I had a very nice weekend, met a few new people and had a lot of fun with everyone. NSK Baan next!” –Maron

Maron managed to surprise his competition by running a blistering 12.22 on the opening event, the 100m. With this, he was the second-fastest in the 100m in the loopmeerkamp.

“5 running events in two days felt like climbing the Mount Everest. I asked for some advice from Tom and Rowan to not die during the race. So, I used the boerderij party and the big Mac power tactic to break 4 PBs, including sub 5 minutes in 1500m. What would be the tactic for sub 4?”-Ju young

An NSK Meerkamp would not be the NSK Meerkamp without the proper meerkamp! Also there, quite some Gauls participated: Jim, Bjorn, Tom and Bram! With some of them more content with their results than others, and with a bronze medal for Jim, it was quite a spectacular sight to see these gentlemen compete!

This is what they had to say about the 10 events they managed to complete:

“This was a weekend with many different emotions. I knew I was not sufficiently competition ready, but either way I wanted to do the NSK (as I have participated each year since it became a full decathlon). The first day was okay, with even a new unexpected PB at the 100m. However at the first event of day 2, the hurdles, I injured my back after hitting a hurdle. This did make for a day full of struggles: my body simply did not allow for all movements. However, partially thanks to the other Gauls, we pulled through! Goal accomplished: decathlon finished.” Jim

“I hadn’t done a full decathlon since 2017, so competing here was a challenge in it self, with the main goal of not getting injured. At the beginning of the year 5000 points seemed like a good goal, although I quickly realized 4800/4900 was a more realistic goal with training results. While I didn’t receive as many points on the events I’m normally good at, I surprised myself with other events like shot put, high jump and polevault. After nine events, I calculated the needed 1500m time for 5000 points; 4:46. Almost half a minute under my pb from when I was 17. But I pushed myself with chanting 5000 points in my head during the race everytime it got tough and somehow I did it, and managed to score exactly 5000 points! Thanks to everyone for the amazing support and fun weekend!” -Bjorn

Bjorn ran a very impressive 1500m in 4:45.81, which gave him exactly enough points to break the 5000 points barrier in the decathlon.

“Competing in a decathlon is always a lot of work, especially the training in the months ahead as preparation. My preparation started well but in the last few months it just was not going that well. But on the weekend itself, it went amazing. I got 6 PB’s, way more than I expected. It was an amazing weekend, but now I am going back to just doing some discus throwing and no more hurdles.” -Bram

Bram showing how it’s done in the shotput.

“It was big competition time. One that I have been training for for a long time. Even though I did not meet the expectations I had by the end of last season im very satisfied with the result. With a PB in 6/10 events and having performed better than last year in 9/10, I can’t complain. What struck me most is how a competition like this, where your expectations are high, can also be very mentally tiring at times next to the physical intensity of it all.  Luckily all my best friends where there to support me all the way, which made it a weekend to never forget!” -Tom

The standard shirtless picture after the completion of the decathlon could not be forgotten!

Now we should not forget the Gauls that just went all the way to Delft to cheer on their fellow Gauls! A big shoutout to Michelle (the only woman from Asterix present!), Matthijs, Tim, Jens, Tristan and Lorens!

Matthijs taking his job as jury very seriously.

The next NSK will be the NSK Track, which we will organize ourselves on our beautiful track in Eindhoven! Be ready for some even better results!

Lots of purple! Will we see more purple in the 8th and 9th of June?